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Unexplained Mysteries
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Doug Yurchey

The problem with aliens

2-11-2009 | 4

What one philosophy harmonizes the problems/conflicts on the question of Origin? New Age people; some very enlight...

Doug Yurchey

What is God ?

12-23-2008 | 22

Everyone asks this dull, drab, boring question. Therefore it should be dealt with immediately, which is not to tri...

Doug Yurchey

Shuttle Endeavour heading for disaster ?

3-20-2008 | 18

To cynics and skeptics that never heard of the ‘mystic’ qualities of ANAGRAMS, it will be a hard-sell that rear...

Doug Yurchey

An interview with Doug Yurchey: Part 2

9-7-2007 | 0

…Donna Epstein heard me on Mary Sutherland’s radio show. She knew I was looking for some anomaly at these 13 po...

Doug Yurchey

An interview with Doug Yurchey: Part 1

8-28-2007 | 1

George Noory: Tonight we are going on a mystery cruise as we explore some ancient mysteries throughout this planet....

Doug Yurchey

The ring of truth

7-19-2007 | 0

Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s worked closely with Otis T. Ca...

Doug Yurchey

Incredible Iapetus

7-5-2007 | 21

Iapetus is the 17th of Saturn’s 33 known moons and the third largest. The astronomer Cassini first viewed Iapetus...

Doug Yurchey

Otis T. Carr and the Tesla saucers

6-29-2007 | 10

Otis T. Carr (1904-1980?) was a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Carr and his team constructed a numb...

Doug Yurchey

11 questions about Tesla

6-11-2007 | 14

I was flattered to be asked to speak in Singapore concerning the work of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. My first...

Doug Yurchey

Atlantis power grid

4-21-2007 | 27

Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to 12 other colonies that formed a perfect GRID around...

Doug Yurchey

The Lone Gunmen conspiracy

5-23-2006 | 9

The X-Files spinoff series, 'The Lone Gunmen,' had its pilot episode concerned with a federally-sanctioned/terroris...

Doug Yurchey

The great 9/11 magic trick

2-20-2006 | 93

What if what we were told of 9/11 was a total lie? What if what we saw with our eyes on television that black Tues...

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