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  Columnist: Doug Yurchey

Shuttle Endeavour heading for disaster ?

Posted on Thursday, 20 March, 2008 | 18 comments
Columnist: Doug Yurchey

To cynics and skeptics that never heard of the ‘mystic’ qualities of ANAGRAMS, it will be a hard-sell that rearranged letters are anything more than coincidences. There actually exists an ancient history/heritage to anagrams that is worthy of research to those unaware of the true nature of anagrams! ‘Anagrammatism’ is a real word and pertains to the act or practice of making anagrams. One example is Plato and his followers believed anagrams revealed a person’s ‘divinity and destiny.’ Galileo and Nostradamus were known for hiding their controversial ideas inside anagrams. Before we lay out more background for those who have never heard of the concept…let us ask…can anagrams predict the future? Are transposed letters clairvoyant prognosticators of what is to come? Do not be surprised to find that anagrams are a little-known device. They have a wonderful quality of TRUTH! Anagrams could be a ‘collective consciousness.’

We have heard of crystal balls, tea leaves, pendulums, divining rods and other methods of gathering information or looking beyond. To those readers who are aware of the strange side to anagrams, an Anagram-Mysticism, they might view the following with more interest…

This writer has spent years studying the oddity of anagrams. You can Google ‘Secret World of Anagrams,’ an on-line article. You also can visit my website and click ANAGRAMS.

The reason for the article, at this particular time, is because:

Today, Tuesday, March 11th, 2008, in the early morning hours…Space Shuttle Endeavour was successfully launched. In researching (compiling) a new anagram manuscript called ‘Politanagrams Uncensored!,’ the next anagrams were discovered. Here is a small excerpt from the manuscript:

‘Space Shuttle Atlantis = spelt ‘sat at launch site’
that suits planet scale
the stainless catapult

Space Shuttle Challenger = the legal respects launch
the angels hurl spectacle
huge, spectral ascent, hell!
the ascent, cruel hell, gasp!
hell, huge spectacle, rants!

Space Shuttle Challenger Launch = cheapest hull, ungallant screech!

Could anagrams spell out warnings of real catastrophes for our Space Program? They already have. Notice the above anagrams for Challenger. The Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into its flight on January 28, 1986! The crew of seven died over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida. Anagrams here point out the ‘ascent,’ which was when it happened.

Space Shuttle Columbia = mishap, but locate clues!
is a comet thus culpable?
chaotic tumble: U.S. pales!
computable clause, sh**!

Space Shuttle Columbia, The = humble, pathetic, lost cause!
the meticulous, cheap blast!

Space Shuttle Columbia Re-Entry, The = the cruelest botchery manipulates!
true catastrophe belches untimely!
true, hesitant computer bellyaches

Examine the anagrams for Columbia. Words such as ‘mishap,’ ‘locate clues,’ ‘chaotic tumble’ and ‘U.S. pales’ provide clear descriptions of the disaster. On February 1, 2003, the Columbia Shuttle disintegrated over Texas during re-entry into the atmosphere. The seven deaths of the crew delayed the Space Program for more than two years. One anagram vaguely suggests a ‘comet’ was responsible.

Space Shuttle Discovery = USS Scotch Tape Delivery?

Space Shuttle Endeavour = so, the capsule adventure
leaves Cape, thunders out!
capsule tour, SEVEN-DEATH!
so cluttered-up a heavens

Endeavour is one of only three operating shuttles in the entire United States fleet, along with Atlantis and Discovery. Do we have an ominous tragedy looming over this particular spacecraft? ‘Seven-death’ on a ‘capsule tour’ appears to be a waiting disaster in the future! Will the ‘heavens’ be ‘cluttered-up’ by an explosion? On March 11, 2008, the Shuttle Endeavour has successfully achieved its 25th rendezvous with the International Space Station. Will the present mission end in disaster or could that occur in the future? Anagrams seem to be aware of tragic fates associated with certain spacecraft.

Space Tourism = I come up stars

Space Travel = re: vast place!’

The present Endeavour mission, at the time of this writing, is to be the ‘longest Space Station mission ever.’ It is a 16-day voyage that includes the building of a robot and future lab room. The Japanese Space Agency has onboard a science module named the Kibo (‘Hope’) Lab and one of their astronauts. In May, the next Shuttle mission will complete the Kibo Lab.

Now, let us review the above anagrams. They tend to describe the unfortunate fates of Shuttle Challenger and Shuttle Columbia. They do not describe tragedies surrounding the other two working Shuttles, Atlantis and Discovery. Does that mean Atlantis and Discovery will be spared from a deadly disaster?

Examining the background information for the book, this writer had to check (or refresh memory)…was Endeavour one of the shuttles that blew up? The answer is NO. In fact, the very day that this writer Googled ‘endeavour’ was the day that it went up! Today is March 11, 2008.

To be short and sweet, we discover that the letters ‘space shuttle endeavour’ also have this IMPENDING DOOM hanging over it! Endeavour has not ended in disaster (as yet) in its current 25th mission to the ISS.

Space Shuttle Endeavour = so, the capsule adventure
leaves Cape, thunders out!
capsule tour, SEVEN-DEATH!
so cluttered-up a heavens

Like a 4-lined quatrain of Nostradamus, we have what appears as a clear story. Check the letters, they are anagrams. Also, check your anagram-history. Something very peculiar is going on with transposed letters. A little research in this area will confirm the bizarre and intuitive nature of anagrams. Modern software programs (such as ‘Anagram Genius’) generate thousands of anagrams at the touch of a button!

Do not get this writer wrong. Let us all hope for the best and safe voyage of Shuttle Endeavour. Disaster might strike the spacecraft in its present mission; disaster might strike Endeavour in a future mission or Endeavour could never be hit with a tragic loss.

From everything anagrams have taught this writer over the years, the third alternative of an unharmed Endeavour will not happen.

3/11/08 Doug Yurchey (author of ‘The Anagram Code’)

Article Copyright© Doug Yurchey - reproduced with permission.

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