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Doug Yurchey

An interview with Doug Yurchey: Part 2

September 7, 2007 | Comment icon 0 comments

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…Donna Epstein heard me on Mary Sutherland’s radio show. She knew I was looking for some anomaly at these 13 points (since 1974). She sent me a Google Earth picture of this strange Indian (image), seen from high in the air of Canada. And that is the exact spot I have been looking for for 33 years. I wrote ‘Atlantis Power Grid’ right after she sent me this and decided to rework my whole, big manuscript. And, since I’ve been writing articles, I’ll write a short version of this theory and put it out on the Internet. It has spread everywhere. It’s been published in real magazines. That got me on Coast to Coast. A week ago, I was on Coast to Coast. That’s like the Carson Show (laughs), you know…

GT: Oh, yeah. We know the feeling.

D: I thought I bombed. I thought I completely bombed and was at the lowest point I’ve ever been in.

GT: Now, I can’t WAIT to hear it.

D: I actually PISSED George Noory off!

GT: (gasp) (gasp) (laughs).

D: I was having technical difficulties with my phone. And people perceived this…he yanked me after one hour.

GT: Oh no.

D: …People perceived this as him jumping on me. The next day, I got so many emails of support…it was just incredible; I loved it. People were actually following what I was saying (laughs) and they didn’t even hear…half of it. So, I want to explain these other things that I didn’t get out on C2C…Who knew the human race came from greatness? We’re not taught that in anything. If you believe in Adam and Eve and all that, well, that’s a simple belief in the Garden of Eden.

GT: Right.

D: But, most people believe the scientists; they think ‘well, they should know what they’re talking about.’ They don’t even question Evolution or Darwin. And if you believe that way, then you believe in primates. You still believe that we started out in barbaric, simple ways. Even Erich Von Daniken says, well, the aliens came in and advanced the primates. We saw it in the movie ‘2001.’

GT: Yes. Um uh.

D: You’re still talkin’ PRIMATES. I’m going to give a completely different view where we can throw out that idea of primates. I’m going to explain it a different way…different view of history. We have these titanic stones and pyramids that can’t be built today. We can’t move 10 tons. That’s true. There’s the Stone of the South that’s 5000 tons, a 5000-ton obelisk in Lebanon.

GT: Right.

D: It’s not standing up. It’s on its side. But, how heavy was the original stone that it was whittled from? 25,000 tons? This is beyond…we’re not moving it with slaves and in many of these cases, these are remote areas; they couldn’t farm. They couldn’t support a large population. It wasn’t slaves; somebody built this thing, you know. I suggest everyone read ‘Atlantis Power Grid.’ This area in Canada…the irony there. Because there should be Incan fortresses…the giant, titanic stone fortresses on top of the Andes Mountains. It (fortresses) should be all over Canada…if the Indians WALKED here from Asia!

GT: …Ah.

D: They had advanced technology. They had everything we have (today). We fly. We have spaceships. We can clone. We have lasers today. I’m trying to get the light bulb ON for people. If there’s these (impossible) things we cannot build that are amazing, wait a minute, maybe they had all that we have and MORE. Edgar Cayce also said that.

GT: Yes, he did.

D: People don’t understand what a Tesla System would look like. We got screwed out of it over a hundred years ago.

GT: Thank you to Westinghouse. Thank you.

D: Well, no, that’s not true. Westinghouse was his good buddy. I think you mean J. P. Morgan.

GT: No, I’m sorry.

D: I even found out THAT isn’t true.

GT: Really.

D: Yeah, Tesla had all the money…I was a pen pal to someone who knew Tesla, Arthur Matthews; they co-wrote a book together…spoke to him on the phone once. And he tells a completely different story. This (Wardenclyffe) was Tesla’s crowning achievement, 1900-1905, this huge antenna. It would have changed EVERYTHING…through the powers of induction…and here’s a Tesla story that could explain: I bought a Tesla Coil…some people have heard of a Tesla Coil, but not sure what it is. It is in many appliances as a means to amplify the energy. And I got this little Coil from Edmund Scientific, an old company where you can buy scientific equipment. One foot high, a little ball on top, copper coils going around, you plug it into the wall. Like a dummy, I put it on a large audio speaker that I had.

GT: (laughs) (laughs).

D: See, you people KNOW. It didn’t take LONG before I had to take the speaker into the shop. It’s the same reason you don’t put a magnet on your computer.

GT: Right.

D: Or, on your tapes, it will just mess them up. I also had an early version of a computer chess game in that room and that was messed up too…all because of the small Tesla Coil. And, the coolest thing you can do with a Tesla Coil, I think…hold a florescent light tube and put the tube near the Coil…and it lights up in your hand…no wires.

GT: Um ha, right.

D: Imagine that on a much larger scale, 200-foot tower, thousands and thousands of times more powerful. Everything would wirelessly light up and within that range, your machines would run, your vehicles…everything would have a little antenna device, no wires. As long as the signal from the station is pumped out and is working, everything is going to have power. Tesla, in his own time, would have disrupted nothing. This was the horse and buggy era. Today, governments know how to build Tesla’s Tower; they can’t! This is an important thing for people finding out about Tesla. I mean, you guys, when you first heard about Tesla, free energy…wasn’t your first thought, ‘wonderful, we should have this?’

GT: Absolutely.
D: Yeah, right. Well, there’s technical reasons…we can’t. Because, if someone built a 30 – 40 foot tower in a city today and turned it on…it would disrupt all the communications, cause static on the TVs, radios, phone lines; disrupt computers…people would wonder, ‘What is this Tesla Coil? It’s just messing everything up.’ No, the system is incompatible with what we have today. That system (Tesla towers) would have incorporated all the communications (media). We went the wrong way, a hundred years ago.

GT: …Cayce talked about a wireless power system that Atlantis had and was based on CRYSTALS, though, not on Tesla Coils.

D: That tower that Tesla built in New York, called Wardenclyffe; this is very important. That was only the first one in his world grid. He put it in New York because, in 1900, that was where the large population was. There were going to be 8 others at specific global positions. Like a radio station, it works on a specific range and then it terminates. So, you had another one and another one at certain places over the Earth. Once you did that, you’ve covered the Earth with useable frequency; you have (electrical) power on Mt. Everest, at the deepest ocean, everywhere on Earth…and it incorporates all communications. When I saw that…years earlier, I had the experience with my ex-wife where she channeled these 13 points…this was the realization I was leading up to…Once I realized what the Tesla System would look like…OH, MY GOD…The only difference was TIME! This is what the ancients had. This is what those 13 points were. But, only it wouldn’t look like a Tesla System. It would appear as something from those that have MASTERED these capabilities. So, there’s really no PROGESSION in our history. There is the opposite of that…devolution. When I had this realization, I’ll tell you guys…I…I was thrown to the ground, my legs buckled, a nerve went up and down my spine and I cried like a BABY! (ha, ha).

GT: I’ve seen Scott do that. (laughs). I just did that yesterday, in fact. (laughs).

D: I knew that Creationism was wrong. I knew Darwin and Evolution were wrong. I understood that Von Daniken was wrong. We were that advanced. I don’t think it was aliens…because the human race…we’re going to go where the power is. We’re going to use that power. Each one of these 13 points brought forth the human race. After everything blew up, they couldn’t control the weather anymore. When it (technology) collapsed, we were victims of the environment…then we changed physically over a long period of time. That’s why there’s one in India, the Brown Race and the Black Race came out of Zimbabwe. The Asians…really came from Lemuria (in the Pacific) but, I believe they took over the grid-point in the Sea of Japan (Yonaguni)…we were ONE. I’m not talking one-world government. In a sense, that’s the way we should do it. I’m talking Buckminster Fuller thought this was Spaceship Earth. We are Earthlings. We are one people. I don’t like countries, divisions or racism and all that. I see all the colors of people; I see all these different…TRIBES that were stranded in these different environments and that’s why we look different.

GT: Could you talk about some of the more mysterious grid-points?

D: One I didn’t talk about is that Pillar in New Delhi, India. Not too many people have even heard of it. It’s hard to get a good picture of it. I’m sure you’ve heard the word ‘vimanas.’

GT: Yes.

D: In India…we commonly called them ‘flying carpets.’ If you look at the old books of India that describe ancient, nuclear wars. There are these flying vehicles and people think they are stories. I believe the Pillar was the Tesla Coil that powered through induction methods all those flying vehicles. It is in the back of this shrine called the Qutab Minar. It doesn’t even get respect in India. Because they go to see the temple, and ‘oh, we have this thing in our back courtyard.’ It is a 7-ton, metal Pillar! One piece, only a modern refinery could have produced it. No one knows who built it. It’s called the Ashoka Pillar. There are other Ashoka pillars. But, this is the ‘non-rusting’ one…has never rusted. This is the finest metal, now, it’s ELECTRO-MAGNETIC and it’s on the opposite side of the Earth as Easter Island. This is actually all connected because Easter Island gives off a strong magnetic charge; ship’s compasses will turn toward Easter Island. So, you have the opposite ends of the Earth as in magnetic poles. I believe no one known saw this when it was new. You can look up on the Internet and see who built this 500 years ago and then read another version totally conflicting…we can’t leave a mystery…so we’ll fill in the gaps and invent these things. Those other grid-points are very, very remote…here are millions of people around the New Delhi Pillar and they don’t realize that could explain their ancient history of flying crafts. When this was working, it was probably charged as you see those bolts in Tesla’s lab, like when Tesla sat calmly and there was 100-foot electrical arcs over his head. And people don’t understand when I say how the ancient stones could be used as ‘utility poles.’ OK, let me try to explain in an illustration Tesla used. He has a tuning fork and pretend that was the tower with a frequency and that frequency was the TV, radio, phone calls and all media. Then, he uses the Earth as a LIQUID so it would expand (vibrations) like on a surface of a lake and these other towers, no matter what distance, would suddenly start to vibrate or beat in syncopation with the first tower. That’s how all the towers can freely recreate the same signals; using the entire planet.

GT: Really.

D: What Tesla did was combine electricity and radio. But, I believe, someone above Tesla told him, ‘hey, they’re not ready for this. These silly humans are going to make a weapon out of this.’ World War I was coming. You know how a certain pitch can shatter a glass with a certain tone?

GT: Yeah, yeah.

D: Scientists didn’t believe it, but Tesla could have shattered the Earth in two! By using the wrong frequency, there’s your Doomsday Weapon right there. Somebody could have demanded money or something…instead of freely powering a continent; the towers could be misused and destroy everything. And I spoke to Arthur Matthews, to a man who may have been Tesla’s secret son, and I asked him the ultimate question. WHEN, when are we going to have Tesla technology? He told me we’re going to have it so far in the future that no one then would have ever heard of Tesla. If one person is going to last the test of time, it would be Tesla. So, everything has to come down. No more computers. No more televisions or cell phones…all of that has to be scrapped before a new system comes in. Who’s going to do that? Look how much they have invested in that. So they (governments) are NEVER going to allow someone to build one of those towers and have a free energy system. Because the WHOLE WORLD has to be changed first. We’re doing it the wrong way. But, the ancients…the pyramids beat in sync with the Earth and everything was healthy and wonderful…but, even that can go awry and that’s what happened. But…but…are you guys still there?

GT: Yeah (laughs), yeah! We’re just listening.

D: This is WHY I pissed Noory off! I hogged the conversation.

GT: No, this is YOUR show.

D: Very nice of you.

GT: Was there tectonic plate shifting?

D: If we could get the real tectonic movements and could take the grid-points back 60,000 years ago, then I believe these 13 points would move toward uniformity (perfect grid positions) and not toward randomness or chaos. The only one that has moved from the grid position away from the pattern is Australia. I’ll bet there is geological evidence for that Aussie plate shifting far to the south.

GT: Interesting. What about Sedona, Arizona?

D: Not as far as the main 13 goes. I’ve called these other areas ‘sub-stations’ like Ed Leedskalnin in Florida, near Bimini. These were sub-stations. Something was going on there a long time ago; some trace of ley line is still there and maybe measurable. The one in Russia. This Russian named Vlad Pakhomov read my ‘Atlantis Power Grid’ article; I’ve heard from him and he sent me this picture of a Russian Sphinx in the Sayan Mountains and they found an ‘ancient city’ right there. I only recently discovered that ancient Russians moved great stones also, standing stones. There are these things called ‘dolmens’ that would have made the perfect bomb shelters out of stone and I think they were bomb shelters. So, I asked the Russian who sent me the picture, I asked him, ‘Vlad, is this sphinx and ancient city anywhere near my grid-point for Russia?’ And he said YES! That’s amazing. Russia is a big country. Here’s this concentration of an ancient society around my grid-point. Like in the Alice Springs area of Australia. There are petroglyphs and rocks that seem to be fused together…like from a nuclear blast. In Alice Springs, there is that giant red rock plateau, a feature of Australia called Ayer’s Rock. It’s the largest stone on Earth; it’s a giant spike and we only see the top of it…and it’s magnetic. Maybe they electrified this giant spike. Tesla created the largest earthquake ever in New York City’s history.

GT: Um ha.

D: With a little, pocket oscillator…he attached to a building’s tall, support beam. This long thing starts to go into oscillation and suddenly in a police station across the street, chairs moved and windows broke. The police thought, ‘Oh, Tesla is at it again.’ They came in to see Tesla smash the pocket oscillator with a sledgehammer; he had to destroy it. Maybe this thing in Australia, this giant magnetic spike was sent into oscillation and electrified…like I believe many of the ancient monuments were. Oh, I said I could explain the Caveman-thing and how Darwin is wrong. OK, there are two points; I got to get this out. Cayce said the Cro-Magnons were Atlantean Man. He didn’t say the other ones were, just the Cro-Mags. They had LARGER BRAINS than we do today! Few people can understand that. Their world would look like Star Wars, 5th Element and incredible things beyond our comprehension. You would need this incredible brain to handle the advanced technology and you know we only use a small fraction of our mental potential. Here we are as modern people, let’s say, we have a nuclear war and had to go to the caves just to survive, back to the Dark Ages. There goes our computer-technical minds because we’re going to have children after children after children, now in rags, no technology…their high tech world is long gone. Our brains would actually atrophy from non-usage and get smaller. That’s US. That’s what the anthropologists don’t want to tell you. They’re not a little wrong with the caveman’s sloped-in foreheads…they’re WAY WRONG! Cro-Mags had bulbous brains. There are these other ones, Australopithecus, Homo-Erectus and Neanderthal. People think those were simple cave people. No, here’s the facts: They all were at the same time. That blows Darwin apart. According to Darwin, each group of primates ruled the world for a long time then very slowly changed to the next form; now, we’re erect and we can stand up. That’s not the facts; they were all together at one time. Cro-Mags could CLONE workers, armies and slaves. Not at the beginning of Atlantis…they degenerated to a state where…we saw it in the film ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley. They could make A-class citizens, B-class citizens, C-class and D-class citizens. The D-class citizens worked in radioactive tubes; they had no minds outside of a computer chip in their heads. Yeah, this is fiction. But, if you had a high technology and it went to hell; it was corrupted…you’d have ‘Attack of the Clones.’ Cayce talked about the ‘things.’ He didn’t have the word ‘clone’ in his day. Wars were fought with the things, about the rights of the things. Are they sentient? Are they property? You’re cloning them, are they your property? These are very heavy issues. In a world gone to hell, you would be cloning monsters. The mythical creatures, half-man, half-horse, half-bull…those were genetic experiments. I believe the Great Flood had to happen. I think I know why the Great Flood happened and it happened everywhere. There was Waterworld. They found seashells high up on Everest. They had to bring down radiation levels from the nuclear wars. It (Flood) would clean the world and wash away the warlords, cloners and monsters. People don’t believe the Flood and the Biblical story; I mean how could one family take care of ALL the animals on an ark? I don’t blame them. But, ah, if the animals were reduced down to their genetic codes as we saw in Jurassic Park.

GT: Oooh.

D: This family was the caretakers of all the storage units. It supposedly landed on Mount Ararat. We saw pictures lost by the Russian Revolution. I think one battleship was made in the proportions of Noah’s Ark and it was the most buoyant ship possible. And there was an Indian Noah, an Asian Noah, etc. and they all sailed. We’re the results of all that…I think the destruction of Atlantis, which goes back 12,000 years, I think a self-destruct switch was pulled by the good guys. The bad forces, that Edgar Cayce called the Sons of Belial, they were going to use the power for terrible, terrible reasons. So, I think the good guys said, ‘OK, no one was going to have the power.’ And they cut off the power switch and that’s why Easter Island was stranded. They kept making receiver (Maoi statue) after receiver after receiver…because they thought the problem was in their receiver. No, the problem was at the station. When your TV is messed up, you change the channel to see if the trouble is your receiver or is it the station? The power that was always in the air…now wasn’t. They could still levitate some things because I think if you hit that certain frequency…like Ed Leedskalnin, we saw the ‘In Search Of’ where he moved all of Coral Castle. He had the driver of the pick-up look away or go behind a building, then this stone or 1-ton object was wooop suddenly on the pick-up truck. I think this little, sickly man had a small tuning device. He said he knew the secrets to the pyramids. If you hit the right frequency, you can anti-gravitate something…Anti-gravity is a Science. It’s a fact. The ancients…you can see in their monuments, which were not monuments…they had a (technical) function. They were greater than us…and certainly, they had anti-gravity and powerful lasers to cut those giant stones. That’s all you need.

GT: …Edgar Cayce’s system wasn’t based on huge, wound coils and spinning magnets like Tesla…it was based on crystals.

D: Crystals. I’m saying the same idea of an oscillator would be in titanic, stone totems.

GT: Crystal vibrations…

D: Crystal radios. I’m saying there is a crystalline (radio) property even with granite, limestone and sandstone.

GT: There is?

D: Sure. Right now, we have spaceships. We can clone. Right now, we can clone ourselves on another planet and leave. And those people could be there for so long that they might even forget how they got there. And that’s the human race. That’s another Origin-theory, that no one else is saying…so I want to say it. Oh, one grid-point I haven’t mentioned is the one in Brazil. It was discovered in 2002. They thought the Amazon was pristine, untouched before the European arrival. (I remember the entity in my ex-wife ready to mark Brazil, and I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And she just nodded. Yeah, and 30 years later…) Here’s the work of Michael Heckenberger; it was written up in Science Magazine. His team was totally ‘baffled.’ Grids, the word ‘grids,’ they found. They hacked into the Amazon and found ancient roads, bridges, plazas aligned in grids. There are grids within grids. The energy comes to the main complex, pyramid or mound and was wirelessly distributed to the other areas. This is exactly where my Brazil position is…I thought the Canadian grid-point was totally wiped out over so much time and never rebuilt. Never thought I’d find anything there. I thought 12 out of 13 ain’t bad. And here the first evidence of PREHISTORIC Canadians appears and it is at the precise spot my map predicted way back in 1974. The 13th and final piece is now in place, which I believe PROVES the map! The Indian image is just above the U.S. and on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Just months ago, I found that the Indian is on Suffield Base in Canada. It’s the biggest weapon-testing range on Earth, off-limits to the public. It’s like a Nazca image on Area 51.

GT: Wow, thank you, Doug.

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