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Kathleen Meadows

3 primary psychic mechanisms

7-2-2016 | 0

Some would be affronted at the notion that dream interpretation is a relatively simple exercise. In truth there ar...

Kathleen Meadows

Spring romance questions for a psychic

5-14-2016 | 1

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working feverishly to keep up with spring’s influx of relationship readin...

Kathleen Meadows

Psychic ability: nature vs nurture

3-17-2016 | 2

The question, “Are psychics born with this gift or did they meditate, memorize and practice their way to being a ...

Kathleen Meadows

Asking a psychic about future riches

2-9-2016 | 0

Love, wealth and health are the most common questions asked of psychic readers. In fact, the whole impetus behind ...

Kathleen Meadows

Dreaming of the dead

1-5-2016 | 6

Energy and vibrational frequency are concepts that are becoming better understood even in the field of physics (qua...

Kathleen Meadows

Her/his story of the Tarot from antiquity to the present

12-4-2015 | 1

There are perennial story lines that repeat throughout the various theories on the her/history of the Tarot. One po...

Kathleen Meadows

Story-telling heals and inspires

10-31-2015 | 0

Tarot readers and psychics are talented story tellers. They tell living stories of ordinary folk within the vast r...

Kathleen Meadows

The credible Tarot

9-17-2015 | 83

There are people who believe that the Tarot is a frivolous pastime at best, an evil pursuit or fraudulent practice ...

Kathleen Meadows

Why reincarnation ?

8-30-2015 | 13

I met with a client yesterday who had come to see me for the first time about a month ago. A well-mannered man in ...

Kathleen Meadows

Life is eternal is the spiritual message

7-14-2015 | 2

The point of doing scientific research is to get to the truth. The scientific study of mediumship must follow the s...

Kathleen Meadows

Confessions of a feminist psychic

7-3-2015 | 7

I am a self-proclaimed feminist psychic living in British Columbia Canada. I’ve read in tea rooms, women’s sho...

Kathleen Meadows

19th century spiritualism and insanity

5-27-2015 | 1

Over the past four years I've been spending much of my spare time researching 19th century spiritualism. I can't s...

Kathleen Meadows


5-1-2015 | 2

Psychokinesis (PK) describes the ability to move objects using only the force of our mind. It profoundly challenges...

Kathleen Meadows

Mediumship not on demand

3-31-2015 | 0

Recently I was doing a psychic reading for a client overseas. It was her second consultation and involved the same...

Kathleen Meadows

Psychic ability development

3-13-2015 | 4

I’ve taught several psychic development classes over the years. Typically this popular course was structured over...

Kathleen Meadows

A dream that keeps resurfacing for days

2-5-2015 | 0

A young woman recently asked me to interpret a dream. It was the kind of dream that keeps resurfacing in the mind t...

Kathleen Meadows

Spiritual opening triggered by trauma

12-23-2014 | 4

I was speaking with a dear friend the other day who suffered a profound loss recently. It was the death of a loved ...

Kathleen Meadows

Turning 60

12-4-2014 | 0

I celebrated my 60th birthday last Friday. It was a quiet affair with a luncheon prepared by my husband along with...

Kathleen Meadows

When the clock strikes 1:11

10-27-2014 | 10

Years ago my mother commented that every time she looked at the clock, it was displaying the three same numbers. N...

Kathleen Meadows

What do nightmares mean ?

10-12-2014 | 19

Everyone has nightmares. Being chased by something or someone intending us harm; falling in an abyss without a par...

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