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Kathleen Meadows

Receiving messages following trauma

12-24-2020 | 0

Synchronicity, like dreams, is given meaning by the connections that we make internally to the external event. Aft...

Kathleen Meadows

October oracle's role in uncertain times

10-31-2020 | 1

All divination systems reveal something we didn't know and couldn't know through any other mechanism. The quality o...

Kathleen Meadows

Why did I choose the Tarot?

7-23-2020 | 8

Upon reflection, I don't believe I chose the Tarot. I think it chose me. It is like that with divination tools, sp...

Kathleen Meadows

Spring is here and we have nowhere to go

5-5-2020 | 1

Easter and its connection to Spring, eggs, fertility, planting, those divine earthy smells and dainty blossoms are ...

Kathleen Meadows

Fate: A lesson in how to lose control, gracefully

3-8-2020 | 4

Most people believe in fate and most spiritual faith traditions contain an element of its mystery in its teachings....

Kathleen Meadows

Repeating clock numbers

12-6-2019 | 24

About 40 years ago, my mother commented/asked my thoughts about the phenomena of having 3 of the same numbers appea...

Kathleen Meadows


11-8-2019 | 3

Being chased, falling into an abyss, looking into a mirror and seeing that our appearance has been altered; balanci...

Kathleen Meadows

Life lessons and esoteric secrets

11-14-2018 | 0

Studying the Tarot is like taking a symbology / esoteric / psychology course.  The Tarot (a word that doesn't exis...

Kathleen Meadows

July, Cancer and the Moon Card

7-27-2018 | 5

Creative and organized, Cancerians are the ones you call upon when you're thinking about renovating/decorating your...

Kathleen Meadows

Do you feel cursed?

3-20-2018 | 2

I often receive emails and phone calls from desperate people seeking help and spiritual direction regarding possess...

Kathleen Meadows

February, the month of the Hierophant

2-6-2018 | 2

I was going to launch into Happy Valentine's Day and then changed my mind. I had a complete first draft written, u...

Kathleen Meadows

Words as symbols

9-11-2017 | 12

We sometimes forget that when we're using words, we are passing symbols back and forth. This means we must make ass...

Kathleen Meadows

Storytelling, advising and re-framing

7-4-2017 | 0

I met with a woman last week here in Victoria who is just about to launch a Tarot reading practice in northern Onta...

Kathleen Meadows

In Review: Tarot as a Way of Life

5-8-2017 | 1

Despite having been published twenty years ago, I continue to have Tarot as a Way of Life on my recommended reading...

Kathleen Meadows

Buddhism and the Tarot teachings

4-3-2017 | 23

The Tarot deck can be used as an instructional guide to psycho-spiritual development. Following the path of the Fo...

Kathleen Meadows

2017 authentic spirituality

2-15-2017 | 3

This is the time of year when visioning, orienting intentions and setting goals is at the top of most people’s mi...

Kathleen Meadows

Vulnerability, shame and redemption

1-10-2017 | 2

As you know, I taught Tarot, psychic ability development and feminist psychology for many years. Many of those cla...

Kathleen Meadows

Crazy psychic clients

10-13-2016 | 0

Ten years ago I designed and taught an Advanced Professional Tarot Reader program for students who had completed bo...

Kathleen Meadows

Predicting death

9-3-2016 | 1

It happens every once in a while, that a client asks me when someone they love is going to die. Well to be honest,...

Kathleen Meadows

A map of the spirit world

8-19-2016 | 1

Most people I know believe our soul and spirit survive physical death. Of course my circle is skewed by my choice o...

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