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Kathleen Meadows

Storytelling, advising and re-framing

7-4-2017 | 0

I met with a woman last week here in Victoria who is just about to launch a Tarot reading practice in northern Onta...

Sean Casteel

Hollow Earth, JFK and Admiral Byrd

6-25-2017 | 0

To many in the UFO and conspiracy theory communities, Admiral Richard E. Byrd is not merely some benign fatherly fi...

Conrad Yeats

Washingtonople: The secret history of America's capital: Part 1

6-14-2017 | 0

At one end lies the Washington Monument, at the opposite end is the Capitol Building. For more than two hundred yea...

Edward Crabtree

A curious incident at Voronezh

6-3-2017 | 0

Two military officers, sent out to make contact with the pilots of a crashed UFO on the outskirts of a city, confro...

Sean Casteel

Amityville horror

5-26-2017 | 21

Amityville. The very name of the small Long Island, New York, community instantly conjures visions of horror, of a ...

Kathleen Meadows

In Review: Tarot as a Way of Life

5-8-2017 | 1

Despite having been published twenty years ago, I continue to have Tarot as a Way of Life on my recommended reading...

Sean Casteel

Commander X

4-25-2017 | 6

Most discussions of Commander X begin with this question. Who the heck is he REALLY? This issue is grappled with in...

Kathleen Meadows

Buddhism and the Tarot teachings

4-3-2017 | 23

The Tarot deck can be used as an instructional guide to psycho-spiritual development. Following the path of the Fo...

Joseph Devine

UVB-76: Russia's mysterious radio station

3-21-2017 | 4

The late Winston Churchill stated: "Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma". This is still true...

Sean Casteel

Was inventor Nikola Tesla a UFO contactee?

3-9-2017 | 7

In the more than 70 years since his death, Nikola Tesla has never ceased to be a fascinating, mysterious figure dwe...

Kathleen Meadows

2017 authentic spirituality

2-15-2017 | 3

This is the time of year when visioning, orienting intentions and setting goals is at the top of most people’s mind...

Sean Casteel

UFOs, mediumship and the paranormal

1-25-2017 | 2

At one point in the history of America the belief in spiritualism was as strong – and as controversial – as the bel...

Kathleen Meadows

Vulnerability, shame and redemption

1-10-2017 | 2

As you know, I taught Tarot, psychic ability development and feminist psychology for many years. Many of those cla...

Sean Casteel

Exposing the top secret treaty

12-22-2016 | 3

Global Communications/Inner Light Publications, the ever-prolific publishing house helmed by CEO Timothy Green Beck...

Sean Casteel

The story of Bryce Bond

11-26-2016 | 1

The story of how the new reprint of the late Bryce Bond's book "UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection" came about is almost...

Sean Casteel

Cryptid creatures from dark domains

10-28-2016 | 3

They are the demon dogs from hell, the huge black canines with blazing eyes that haunt country lanes, and the phant...

Kathleen Meadows

Crazy psychic clients

10-13-2016 | 0

Ten years ago I designed and taught an Advanced Professional Tarot Reader program for students who had completed bo...

Edward Crabtree

A tale of two realities

9-27-2016 | 17

'No! This is getting crazy!' The middle-aged guy's can of Miller Light drops to the floor of his trailer park, and ...

Sean Casteel

Lord Brinsley Clancarty - UFO disclosure

9-14-2016 | 1

The struggle of the UFO-believing community to wrest some sort of official disclosure of the mystery phenomenon fro...

Kathleen Meadows

Predicting death

9-3-2016 | 1

It happens every once in a while, that a client asks me when someone they love is going to die. Well to be honest,...

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