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Melissa B. Newman

Halloween - A Scary Season Rooted In Reality

9-18-2018 | 0

Every year, amidst the excitement of Halloween-related fun, conversations commonly turn toward scary and unnerving ...

Sean Casteel

Nikola Tesla - The Unknown 'Healer'

8-22-2018 | 3

When I finished reading the latest Tesla-related book from Timothy Green Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communicati...

Kathleen Meadows

July, Cancer and the Moon Card

7-27-2018 | 5

Creative and organized, Cancerians are the ones you call upon when you're thinking about renovating/decorating your...

Sean Casteel

UFOs: Are they friend or foe ?

6-19-2018 | 73

In the 1950s creatures were arriving here to do battle against humankind. They flew over the White House, attacked ...

Robert Torres

Thom Reed UFO Monument Park

4-19-2018 | 0

There's a new UFO destination – The Thom Reed UFO Monument Park, a waterfront park that now stands at the locatio...

Kathleen Meadows

Do you feel cursed?

3-20-2018 | 2

I often receive emails and phone calls from desperate people seeking help and spiritual direction regarding possess...

Sean Casteel

Weird winged wonders

3-8-2018 | 3

Who among us hasn't wished to spread their wings and fly? To cease to be earthbound and soar to the heavens? ...

Kathleen Meadows

February, the month of the Hierophant

2-6-2018 | 2

I was going to launch into Happy Valentine's Day and then changed my mind. I had a complete first draft written, u...

Edward Crabtree

Out of our minds: are UFOs thought-forms?

1-27-2018 | 16

The Martians had a chat with Gary Wilcox on 25th of April 54 years ago. At around 10 A.M in the morning in Newark V...

Sean Casteel

Project Magnet 'exposed'

12-31-2017 | 0

Though it is a little known fact, the truth is that certain individuals with ties to the Canadian government hav...

Joe Posner

Close encounters today: a global UFO update

12-18-2017 | 33

Based on recent data collected, as you read this, a close encounter could very well be happening somewhere in the w...

Rob MacGregor

Journey to the Akashic Records

12-1-2017 | 11

He's a retired cop from Texas who kept a secret from his fellow officers for decades. Wesley Meeks has the ability ...

Sean Casteel

Physics, the Bible and the parting of the Red Sea

11-2-2017 | 48

Science and religion could end up complementing each other. New – more "radical" – trends in physics point to t...

Edward Crabtree

The real aliens: a survey of 'praying mantis' entity reports

10-12-2017 | 3

Back in 1967 a child called Paul Nelson took a holiday with his parents and another male friend in Catalina Island ...

Conrad Yeats

Washingtonople: The secret history of America's capital: Part 3

9-25-2017 | 0

If indeed the Giza necropolis has been recreated on the banks of the Potomac in the form of America’s National Ma...

Kathleen Meadows

Words as symbols

9-11-2017 | 12

We sometimes forget that when we're using words, we are passing symbols back and forth. This means we must make ass...

Sean Casteel

The treasure of the Knights Templar

8-30-2017 | 2

*** Sometimes it seems like the "U" in "UFO" should stand for "ubiquitous," meaning they can show up anywhere and a...

Kirin Johnson

A haunted night at Stanley Hotel's Room 217

8-12-2017 | 4

In March of 2017, I took a history and ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel. While I did not see or interact with any sp...

Sean Casteel

Reshaping reality while living in an alternative universe

8-3-2017 | 2

*** Everything we think we know about the world and the universe in which we live, whatever we have been led to bel...

Conrad Yeats

Washingtonople: The secret history of America's capital: Part 2

7-24-2017 | 0

Fit For a Pharoh Central to L'Enfant's 1790 plan for a new federal city was the executive residence of the presi...

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