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The Sealand Skull (2)

Posted on Sunday, November 28, 2010
Uploaded by UM-Bot
The Sealand Skull (2)
Image credit: © Anton spangenberg

Uploader comment: A mysterious skull discovered at Olstykke on the Danish island of Sealand in July 2007 during the replacement of old sewer pipes.

Image status: UNEXPLAINED The full story can be found at:

Recent comments on this image
Comment icon #10 Posted by Fraust on 1/3/2011
Well the article states that the skull is older than the ground it was buried in, and claims that possibly someone was trying to hide it. This sees unlikely to me because if I didn't want it found I would have ground it to dust and spread it across the lawn. Very interesting regardless.
Comment icon #9 Posted by rbren on 1/4/2011
Fake! Cool but fake.
Comment icon #8 Posted by gnostic-deity on 1/7/2011
u can tell by the teeth that its fake
Comment icon #7 Posted by Thatsright on 3/16/2011
Looks like it is made of wood. And yes, the teeth look fake.
Comment icon #6 Posted by g00dfella on 3/22/2011
wow, must have had one hell of a orthadontist, those teeth are perfect! No decay or missing teeth which means they must have brushed 2x daily and flossed regularly.
Comment icon #5 Posted by DjinN085 on 3/22/2011
looks fake to me...
Comment icon #4 Posted by RoadMaster04 on 5/23/2011
The eyes & nose are painted black inside I am a Bone Carver Bone changes with the weather, Land IE, ( mud, clay, mold, Water the Eyes will always be the same color as the Bone as a hole other than coloration of soil, moister, textier of soil/other. this is 100% fake. refer to my next post of my Replica.
Comment icon #3 Posted by RoadMaster04 on 5/25/2011
Nice art work though, I want one to put on my Mantel.
Comment icon #2 Posted by SpiritTraveler on 8/21/2011
Looks fake to me too. It's painted.
Comment icon #1 Posted by SCHMITTHEAD on 11/8/2011
sure does look like wood, wouldnt it have some kind of erosion???
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