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Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' once had eyebrows

By T.K. Randall
May 27, 2009 · Comment icon 81 comments

Image Credit: Leonardo da Vinci
Through the use of a new sensitive scanning device that allows a painting's past to be revealed it has been discovered that Leonardo da Vinci's famous "Mona Lisa" actually did once have eyebrows which were lost during restoration.
For centuries, the "Mona Lisa", the world’s most famous painting, has been shrouded in mystery. There has been much debate as to its origin and meaning. Many have also speculated as to what kind of hidden references Da Vinci may have worked into the portrait."

Source: Daily Galaxy | Comments (81)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #72 Posted by Moon Minion 14 years ago
*SNIP* By the way, personally it’s beyond my imagination that how can anyone possibly not like Mona Lisa. There is something absolutely unearthly in the picture that drives me to a fantasy land. But I guess we all are different … I agree mate, I think the picture commands attention. Like I said I think her smile is awesome, you could put a thousand or more different meanings to it. But our opinion yes.
Comment icon #73 Posted by jbondo 14 years ago
Erm, what was this topic about? Was it about the long lost brows of famous Lisa, or a chat club? LOL, the discussion between HerNibs and others were funny and entertaining to read, though. Now coming back to the original topic, as much as fascinating this piece of information might seem, I cannot fully buy into it, as long as there aren’t sufficient evidences to back up this claim. I keep hearing claims regarding Mona Lisa, you know, and if I were to believe all of those, then my brain would have stopped working by now. Though I have heard this information many times before, I doubt there’s an... [More]
Comment icon #74 Posted by Lt_Ripley 14 years ago
I thought there was a painting under the Mona? Or am I thinking of something else? Also, wasn't it supposed to have been revealed as a self portrait? Again, maybe I'm confusing it for a different work. no your correct.. and as an portrait painter myself I've never been moved by the Mona Lisa , but I've never seen it first hand either.. friends of mine who have says it makes a world of difference than just seeing it in print or other media.
Comment icon #75 Posted by jbondo 14 years ago
but I've never seen it first hand either..friends of mine who have says it makes a world of difference than just seeing it in print or other media. It is true, many things are much better in person.
Comment icon #76 Posted by PhoeniXof_Hades 14 years ago
I have not witnessed the Mona Lisa first hand either (I don't think many people get that chance) but that doesn't stop me from feeling an admiration towards her. I judge any piece of art in terms of the quality they contain within them and hidden in them, and not just the outer appearance of it. To be quite honest, I do agree with those members here and people who think that the woman in the picture (i.e. Mona Lisa) isn't attractive, and personally I think she is positively ugly ... But I do not think it is fair to comment on the artistic quality of any work of art simply on the basis of the a... [More]
Comment icon #77 Posted by Odetth 14 years ago
Whoopi is cool..I like Whoopi, even if she is kind of scary..
Comment icon #78 Posted by trish1997 14 years ago
ohhh my
Comment icon #79 Posted by Mattshark 14 years ago
It is true, many things are much better in person. Not with the Mona Lisa, you just think 'is that it'. Extremely underwhelming.
Comment icon #80 Posted by shaka5 14 years ago
I don't either; I always wondered if I was the only one! lol, i never saw the big deal..and now we find out it had had brows and lashes, made no difference, still uninteresting
Comment icon #81 Posted by Rhincewind 14 years ago
We know she lost her evebrows but what isn't mentioned is that she also had a tatoo and earing :lol:

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