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Science & Technology

Artificial brain '10 years away'

By T.K. Randall
July 24, 2009 · Comment icon 15 comments

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Director of the Blue Brain Project Henry Markram has claimed that it should be possible to build a functional artifical human brain within ten years, an achievement that would go a long way to developing treatments for mental illness.
A detailed, functional artificial human brain can be built within the next 10 years, a leading scientist has claimed. Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project, has already simulated elements of a rat brain.

Source: BBC News | Comments (15)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by Jaygatz 15 years ago
The title of this should read " Artifical brain 10 years ago" Who is anyone kidding? They have had the technology to do this for awhile now. Seriously who are you trying to fool?? LOL
Comment icon #7 Posted by Sardukar 15 years ago
Well theres an underlying truth that we quite frankly do not understand (and perhaps never will) the brain in its entireity. We dont get conciousness existance and our "soul" or whatever term you want to use that describes us. However an accurate model would be good for medical research.
Comment icon #8 Posted by kobolds 15 years ago
dream long long. even now we still do not fully understand how our brain work.
Comment icon #9 Posted by ninjadude 15 years ago
as the article says a "rat brain" or "mammalian brain". I was going to say a lot longer than 10 years. But for simple animal brains - maybe. Higher animals... not a chance.
Comment icon #10 Posted by SRCivic98 15 years ago
I don't know the good thing is we can help people, the bad news is theres nothing stopping research on other bad things going ahead once this piece of technology is created. next thing you know, they're going to be making androids of those we care about or even offer us humans the opportunity to becoming a cyborg and live forever....kind of, ha, ha, ha. But it would suck to go through a metal detection device. Or better yet, it would suck to be in a lighting storm or in a magnetic field device. Anyways, if we make androids that are able to produce life then god will be forgotten until they sho... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Paracelse 15 years ago
I want my Cylon babe, so I'm looking forward to artificial intelligence. Well, she will be smarter than waiting for you ... so you screwed..
Comment icon #12 Posted by NattheManofIntellect 15 years ago
Didnt they see that episode of Futurama when the brains take over the world and the only one to stop them is Fry? Not a good
Comment icon #13 Posted by crystal sage 8 years ago
It's getting closer..    Blue Brain Team Selected to Participate in Argonne Early Science Programme The Blue Brain Project's High Performance Computing Team (HPC) has been selected by the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) to participate in the 2-year Theta Early Science Program. This program will target the porting and optimization at large scale of our CoreNeuron scientific application on ALCF next leadership-class supercomputer prototype, Theta. This opportunity will allow the HPC team developers to collaborate with Intel, Cray and ALCF HPC specialists... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by crystal sage 8 years ago
This 2-year Theta Early Science program they are referring to... does this have anything to do with Scientology... and their probable attempts to build brains house the consciousness.. spirits of the Thetans?        
Comment icon #15 Posted by Zalmoxis 8 years ago
What this adds up to is that when these sort of androids and artificial people hit the market the class division is gonna skyrocket like never before. In fact, I can envision a future where ultra-intelligent artificial soldiers kill everyone except a limited circle of chosen people who will live in a post-genocide world of servant androids and perfect serenity with a wealth that far surpasses all practicality for such a small group of people. I can see this becoming a reality. It's a bummer I'm not in that group of people because getting snuffed by an android sounds really damn sucky.

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