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The U.S. teenager who cries tears of blood

September 2, 2009 | Comment icon 22 comments

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A 15-year-old from Tennessee has baffled doctors with a very rare condition that makes him cry tears of blood as often as three times a day, an affliction that has lead some of his classmates to believe that he is possessed.
Don't upset U.S. teenager Calvino Inman too much - or he may see red. Doctors have been left baffled by the 15-year-old Tennessee teen, who cries tears of blood without warning.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (22)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by Purplos 13 years ago
Weak-walled capillaries near his tear ducts? Seems a pretty easy explanation for this.
Comment icon #14 Posted by chemical-licker 13 years ago
He's like me i do that everytime I get my bank statement:ph34r:
Comment icon #15 Posted by SpiderCyde 13 years ago
He's like me i do that everytime I get my bank statement:ph34r: I go through the exact same thing each time my girl returns from one of her "shopping trips." *facepalm*
Comment icon #16 Posted by Blueguardian 13 years ago
Sounds like there's a leak somewhere.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Cookes453 13 years ago
...reminds me of the vampires on the HBO show, True Blood; they cry tears of blood.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Sameer. 13 years ago
Oh Man....that is weird.....Too bad for him....
Comment icon #19 Posted by LucidElement 13 years ago
http://***********************/tears-of-blood.html CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
Comment icon #20 Posted by Alienated Being 13 years ago
That's disturbing.
Comment icon #21 Posted by wanisika 13 years ago
We watched a old, popular movie long time ago about a girl who was crying with red tears. And, we thought that was impossible because it was fictional at that time. So, is possible. I had read another same news where an Indian girl also has same problem like him.
Comment icon #22 Posted by lkayn 13 years ago
It would suck having that, but I think it looks kinda cool.

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