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The UFO Phenomenon

Daylight UFO filmed over China

By T.K. Randall
March 30, 2010 · Comment icon 56 comments

Image Credit: Youtube
A very clear video of a typical saucer-shaped UFO over Ningbo in China is currently doing the rounds on the web.
The footage shows a number of students in the grounds of Wan Li University piling out of the building to catch a glimpse of the object that hangs rotating in the sky for a few seconds before disappearing.

An incredible UFO sighting was allegedly filmed earlier this month in China during daylight hours. It is claimed that the UFO was seen by many witnesses.

Source: All News Web | Comments (56)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #47 Posted by Lcvec 14 years ago
Really weird video, not the reaction you would expect from people looking at a UFO...also if you take a good look at it when it's spinning, it seems to stop briefly, looking like some kind of short animation starting again (I might be wrong, but why wouldn't the person holding the camera keep the zoom on the UFO if it was that clear. I think that at this point, if someone actually finds an alien spaceship here on earth, the only way for us to believe it would be if this person took fragments from this same spaceship and mailed it to every single one of us...
Comment icon #48 Posted by The Big Boss 14 years ago
All I saw was some balloons.
Comment icon #49 Posted by Scouser 14 years ago
All I saw was some balloons. Bingo! Mystery solved!
Comment icon #50 Posted by bauctrian 14 years ago
Way fake. When a ship shows up that bears no resemblance to any previously seen. Probably a fake. Looks staged.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Fell 14 years ago
Total fake. Why was the guy laughing when the ufo flew away? I would be stunned if I saw anything like that, not giggling.
Comment icon #52 Posted by Slorri 14 years ago
Way fake. When a ship shows up that bears no resemblance to any previously seen. Probably a fake. Looks staged. So we know what they should look like? Why discriminate against the odd ones?
Comment icon #53 Posted by Hazzard 14 years ago
Seeing is believing.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Mandrake 14 years ago
Want to believe. really, really do but this is such a fake.
Comment icon #55 Posted by VanWilder 14 years ago
I'm not sure that the guys reaction is reason to debunk this...I've seen some incredible/cool $h!t & my only reaction was to smile & laugh....especially if you realize you maybe 1 of only a few to witness something like that. Think about the first time your girl did something different/unexpected in bed *shrugs* Not saying the video's real, but the guys reaction reminded me of the EXACT thing I'd do. Smililing to your bud, saying, "can you f-ing believe this?"
Comment icon #56 Posted by Beggars 14 years ago
wow, if it is real thats pretty amazing. But, i can't help but feel like its nothing but a hoax. Sure the vid looks legit but there have been so many fakes released that it makes it damn near impossible to know when a real one comes out. Only way we'll know is if they all show up and start attacking us. Only then will everybody be satisfied.

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