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1 in 5 think haggis is a hill-dwelling animal

April 24, 2010 | Comment icon 41 comments

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
In a recent poll it has been revealed that 1 in 5 people in Britain think haggis is actually an animal.
In addition a further 15 percent believed that the traditional Scottish dish was a musical instrument and 4 percent thought it was a character from the Harry Potter series.
One in five people in Britain thinks that haggis, the traditional Scottish dish made from the lung, liver and heart of a sheep, is an animal that roams the Highlands, according to a survey on Friday.

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (41)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #32 Posted by eqgumby 12 years ago
I believe this is a typical American breakfast? Close, although its a little light on the cheese... LOL!
Comment icon #33 Posted by Michelle 12 years ago
Here. the averge person eats a bowl of cereal or a bagel/pastry if they eat breakfast at all. Your breakfast sound great, i have porridge with honey in it every day except sunday then it's bacon eggs mushrooms toast. Every site I hit said the same thing. lol I should do mushrooms on Sunday, but I never think about it.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Michelle 12 years ago
Close, although its a little light on the cheese... LOL! blech...
Comment icon #35 Posted by GeistOnerz 12 years ago
damn thats horrible maybe they need Chinese teachers in Britain too:hmm:
Comment icon #36 Posted by hetrodoxly 12 years ago
damn thats horrible maybe they need Chinese teachers in Britain too:hmm: From your post i can tell your going to be pleasantly surprised to hear Britain has the best Chinese food in the world, ask any American who's eaten it over here they no longer want to eat that inferior American stuff, the reason being, the best Chines food was made in Hong Kong with it being a former colony many had a right to move to the UK and they did, there isn't an high street in Britain without a Chinese restaurant, the same goes for India having been a colony for a few hundred years the British influence on their ... [More]
Comment icon #37 Posted by zebra99 12 years ago
That 18% will be amongst the young...the standard of education here now is crap...half of 'em don't know where milk or eggs come from. Too busy teaching them about alternative sexuality and all the rest of the PC rubbish to actually educate them about everyday life. Most of 'em can't count or spell either.
Comment icon #38 Posted by startover 12 years ago
Although i knew what it was, i can understand that there are many that don't. I bet even Einstein had his stupid moments. It's only easy if you know the answer, otherwise you just take a guess... Most english people can't talk a single sentence of english, with their words that don't even exist and their slang. But who is the stupid one, them for speaking like this, or you for not understanding? I try and speak english clearly to people from outside my area, because we don't speak the same and they get confused. Whoever started this craze of being different, wasn't very bright in my eyes. Most... [More]
Comment icon #39 Posted by Sthenno 12 years ago
Ah, yet another eaxample of how you can use statistics and sensationalist language to prove anything you want. 1 in 5 Brits? Really? I'd like to know what methods they were using... out of the approximately 500 Brits I reckon I know, I can confidently say none of them think haggis is an animal. Without information on how their sampling was achieved, and even with it, this means absolutely nothing.
Comment icon #40 Posted by April_Rose 12 years ago
Some English dishes are common in Australia too such as Shepherds pie,fish and chips and Sunday Roast,i love shepherds pie. Never heard of Haggis.
Comment icon #41 Posted by Ignatius 12 years ago
Funny as Haggis. I'm willing to bet that the conception of it being a hillside animal has at least a little to do with a comic strip that once ran in the Beano which I think was called "The McHaggises." The comical stories featured Haggises precisely as described and also often involved people's attempts to capture them, presumably for eating. Perhaps the myth preceded the strip, but I bet some old readers just carried on the joke by way of their offspring. Incidentally, I think it's delicous. Hoots, mon!

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