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The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs filmed over Vatican by guards

By T.K. Randall
June 11, 2010 · Comment icon 17 comments

Image Credit: Enrique Cornejo
On June 7th three security guards filmed a strange formation of lights over the Vatican using a cell phone.
The sighting comes at a time when UFO reports are making regular headlines in Rome, Italian television networks have aired the footage and the local police have taken the sighting very seriously.

Was Rome visited by Unidentified Flying Objects? Definitely, and once again the sightings in the skies over Vatican City stirred newspaper headlines and numerous TV news reports in Italy. According to recent reports, it seems that a UFO flap is taking place in Rome and that strange objects were also recorded on camera several times.

Source: Open Minds | Comments (17)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by unit 12 years ago
It's not God - God uses public transport.
Comment icon #9 Posted by danydandan 12 years ago
wats more public than hovering over the vatican
Comment icon #10 Posted by Father Of Evolution 12 years ago
I was just listening to the beautiful language of the Italians.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Sosirius 12 years ago
Dear Aliens, Please don't land in the Vatican and think they speak for all of us. Sincerely, the rest of the world. Hahaha, the Vatican speaking for the world, the world needs to speak for themselves. Those little boy lovers and rapist at the Vatican are no better than drug dealers and killers on the streets, they just do it behind closed doors.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Fernand0 12 years ago
It's a good thing I can understand Italian naturally. One time when I was living in New Jersey I woke up and turned on what I thought was the news in Spanish. I understood the entire broadcast from beginning to end, then I realized I was watching the news on an Italian station. This is exactly what ET needs to do if they are here and they want to make contact openly, and it's a start. Whether they come in peace or not is irrelevant, either way it would serve to unite humanity and we would stop turning on our own species.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Paracelse 12 years ago On June 7th three security guards filmed a strange formation of lights over the Vatican using a cell phone. OK so the UFO's are using cell phone while the security guards are filming??? :P
Comment icon #14 Posted by Orkid 12 years ago
i cant see the video, (have it blocked ), but really, what does it seem to you guys?.. Once I get home i'll check out the video for myself and give my opinion..see u !
Comment icon #15 Posted by Node 12 years ago
I remember 3-4 years ago watching a shiny object in the cloudless sky as the sun was setting here in Florida. I grew up on military bases all around the U.S.(Pease AFB, Nellis AFB, Mac Dill AFB) have been to every airshow there is and have seen the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and every aircraft ever that has been shown to the public at these airshows. What I saw in the sky that afternoon, was no plane or helicopter. It was an elliptical sphere at commercial jet liner altitude and the sun reflecting off of the UFO is what caught my eye in the first place as I drove West down the road in the direc... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by Bliszter 12 years ago
I didnt see them moving.. i dont think theyr ufos
Comment icon #17 Posted by Fernand0 12 years ago
They don't have to move to be UFOs, if they moved into place before the camera was brought in to film them.

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