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Science & Technology

GM mosquitoes released in to the wild

By T.K. Randall
November 22, 2010 · Comment icon 23 comments

Image Credit: Grzegorz Krucke
Genetically modified mosquitoes have been released in to the wild in the Cayman Islands.
Between May and October male mosquitoes were released three times a week, the project is designed to introduce sterile mosquitoes with the aim of reducing their overall population.
An Oxford-based research firm has announced the results of a release of genetically modified male mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands, the first experiment with GM mosquitoes to take place in the wild.

Source: Popular Science | Comments (23)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Hatch 13 years ago
Still like DDT better.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Mbyte 13 years ago
I saw this on the home page and I was like "We're all ****ed" Then I read on to see it was to stamp out a disease on an island so I was like thats not too bad, as I thought they were released by mistake or they escaped. After that I thought "I hope they made them sterile", then I read on to find out they were indeed sterile and thats the only thing they genetically modified. The GM them to make the sterile and thats it. Even if a few of them aren't sterile they are then just normal mosquitoes. To me thats pretty safe. Fare play I say.
Comment icon #16 Posted by SpiderCyde 13 years ago
Zombie virus that now spreads by way of genetically altered mosquito, great, and on a monday...just perfect.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Myles 13 years ago
lol, this is weird... Just the other night, I was watching the TV series Masters of Horror. It was an episode like this... The scientists messed with bugs to slow down breeding.. by the end of the episode with all sorts of killing human females, it ended up that aliens were doing to us what we were doing to the bugs! It's a weird science is truer than fiction story for me. Even if all the skeeters are shooting blanks.. It isn't such a hot idea to introduce lab animals into wild populations in general. Not that I think aliens are going to do it to us. Just we should probably have already learne... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by BaneSilvermoon 13 years ago
Not that I think aliens are going to do it to us. Just we should probably have already learned out lesson about introducing animals into a place that aren't naturally supposed to be there. I would agree if this were introducing a species into a location it does not already exist in. Here it does not. And in this case in my opinion it's a wonderful idea if it works. We've tried this exact same thing before with other insects and failed. However with the breeding habits of mosquitoes it seems reasonable. ::edit:: Interesting little tidbit I found while looking further into this. The mosquitoes c... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by Automaton 13 years ago
It all sounds fine and dandy, seems like a good plan. I just have a baaaad feeling about this. Edit: just read the edit above: ::edit::Interesting little tidbit I found while looking further into this. The mosquitoes causing the disease problem in the Caymans, which we are genetically modifying to control the disease spread, are not even native to the Caymans at all. They are actually a species that we carried in and spread into the area just a few years ago. Well that is interesting. So basically we're just covering ourr butts to fix a mistake we already made? Heheh, again, what could possibl... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by 27vet 13 years ago
I don't think any insect species has ever gone extinct? The sterile male offspring will have to be hardier than regular ones in order to out multiply them.
Comment icon #21 Posted by dmotwani 13 years ago
Yeah, what a great idea. I am quite certain that there will be no long-term adverse results of any significance. We have done a risk analysis and the future looks so bright.
Comment icon #22 Posted by The Unseen 13 years ago
lol, I agree with metalhead.. at least some humans anyway! But really, what is the point of this? Wouldn't the males lose the desire to mate since they are sterile (like nuetered dogs).. so wouldn't the female just find another male? Besides, mosquitos only live like a year (idk) so yea.. seems kinda pointless. If that,Mosquitoes live for a few months,"WARM Months".Still kinda pointless,since its the female Mosqitoes that bite.
Comment icon #23 Posted by SpiderCyde 13 years ago
Heheh, again, what could possibly go wrong? LOL, famous last words.

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