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Mother sees "angel" in baby scan

By T.K. Randall
December 19, 2011 · Comment icon 23 comments

Image Credit: sxc.hu
Dee Lazarou believed her baby was being looked after by an angel after a face turned up in a scan.
The 31-year-old had been to get a scan at 12 weeks pregnant when both she and her husband noticed something unusual in the image - a face that they believed was that of an angel. "We were stunned to see it - as it was such a clear image," she said. "It was such a comfort to me during the rest of my pregnancy, knowing that we had someone looking over our baby in the womb."
Amazingly in the scan picture taken of her son Leo when she was 12 weeks pregnant, Mrs Lazarou could clearly make out a face resembling an angel. She and her husband were convinced he was looking over their unborn child, to see him born safely.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (23)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Junior Chubb 11 years ago
Looks like the Ghostface from Scream to me. That guy gets around!! @GlenndL Since when did angels not have afros?
Comment icon #15 Posted by xScorpinix 11 years ago
How Christians think: *Sees wisp in ultrasound* ANGEL
Comment icon #16 Posted by Beckys_Mom 11 years ago
How Christians think: *Sees wisp in ultrasound* ANGEL I am far from being a Christian and I feel angels could well exist...... If she pegs it an angel so what? It's her scan pic...I can clearly see an image besides her child.. But I cannot peg it an angel.. It is a face of some sort...I saw a face in my own ultrasound years ago and I pegged it the ghost of my last child... We can call it what strikes us most.. Who is anyone to judge?
Comment icon #17 Posted by Junior Chubb 11 years ago
How Christians think: *Sees wisp in ultrasound* ANGEL Hmmmmm, one person of one religion thinks one thing.... Hey all people of that religion think that thing!!! I only skim read the article as I do not believe the face is an angel, but I don't remember reading the word 'christian' in the article.
Comment icon #18 Posted by xScorpinix 11 years ago
Junior Chubb; it was a small joke, and an assumption that she is Christian.
Comment icon #19 Posted by The Unseen 11 years ago
That has to be the *ugliest* angel I've ever seen! It doesn't even look like a real face - more like its from a cartoon. Seriously, how stupid can people get? Very Stupid.
Comment icon #20 Posted by buco 11 years ago
OK now, let me tell you something...every human being from birth (probably from womb, according to this story)to death have devil companion who guides him to choose wrong choices in life. Devils, jinns according to Islam can move trough human body just as blood move and this is probably not an angel in womb. *Notice the similar sound between jinni and english's "genie". TV and other media have twisted the concept of jinn; however, it is interesting to note its origin is from Islam. "I Dream of Jeannie" is a TV show based around a Genie (jinni, plural of jinn). In this show, Jeannie, the genie,... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by Junior Chubb 11 years ago
Junior Chubb; it was a small joke, and an assumption that she is Christian. Sorry mate Had my 'Forum Police' hat on, looks like I read to much into it.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Device 11 years ago
Yes. Here we go again.
Comment icon #23 Posted by DogSoldier20 11 years ago
Why is this even in the news?

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