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Science & Technology

New contact lens monitors blood sugar

January 9, 2012 | Comment icon 4 comments

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Tears contain a lot of vital information about our bodies and could help to monitor blood sugar levels.
A new and painless way of monitoring blood sugar levels for individuals with Type I diabetes could be in the works, rather than having to prick a fingertip a few times a day a special contact lens can be worn that draws the information from a person's own tears.
That idea is being taken seriously by Microsoft Research and the University of Washington. In a joint research project, the two institutions are developing a contact lens equipped with a glucose sensor that can monitor blood sugar and transmit the data wirelessly to another device.

Source: Discovery News | Comments (4)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by wolfknight 10 years ago
Sign me up for this!!!!!! I hate sticking my fingers all the damn time
Comment icon #2 Posted by King Fluffs 10 years ago
I suppose it benefits diabetics... I want Microsoft to make contain lenses that have HUD's.
Comment icon #3 Posted by HawkLord 10 years ago
Now this is a great idea . I wear glasses and am diabetic and pricking my fingers everyday gets old real fast(it hurts too ). It would be great if it had a HUD too then it could flash "Eat a Cookie" when your blood sugar dips .
Comment icon #4 Posted by The Unseen 10 years ago
I have type 2 and have a blood tester that you can check blood sugar levels by using your forearm instead of my fingers,It's hard to play the guitar when you constantly have to prick your fingers,I also like Hawklord's Idea of a HUD that would flash "Eat a Cookie" when sugar is low,He gets a tumbs up.

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