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Metaphysics & Psychology

Can "whisperers" make others kill ?

January 15, 2012 | Comment icon 50 comments

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The idea that some murderers can verbally influence others to kill is not a new one.
Author and criminologist Donato Carrisi has been investigating this unusual subject which suggests the notion that some convicted murderers may have been acting under the subconscious influence of another individual. But do these 'whisperers' really exist or is it just a way for criminals to pass blame for their actions on to someone else ?
A Whisperer might be the real culprit of the killings that were attributed to the so-called Monster of Florence: it is very unlikely that a farmer, a postman and an unemployed worker alone could commit so many ferocious murders that kept the investigators busy for more than twenty years.

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (50)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #41 Posted by libstaK 10 years ago
I know this may sound strange but in a way I feel sorry for many of these soldiers who found themseslves in situations where they had to pull the trigger on innocent people - heavens forbid. It's terrible because many were just so young 18, 20, 22 who had been raised in a country that preached - by people they respected and looked up you - that the 'Aryan' people were better people than the rest. Superior people. And they join the Hitler youth to learn good Arayan values and play sports etc - just kids. Then the war comes along. These young men who have been raised to have honour, respect, sel... [More]
Comment icon #42 Posted by Device 10 years ago
I don't think that sounds strange at all - you nailed it. These people but for the right wing fascist influences in Germany at the time would have grown into men who held jobs, married, had children, lived next door to Jews and dealt with them in commerce et al without ever wanting to kill a single one of them. That was my point too - ANYBODY in the right circumstances can be "whispered" into killing, to deny that is to think ourselves better equipped emotionally and mentally than millions upon millions who have come before us in history and done just that then lived to regret the horror of it... [More]
Comment icon #43 Posted by libstaK 10 years ago
Yeah, I agree with everything you're saying. And no, I haven't read that book. I'll bare it in mind. So - beware the whisperers. And only whisper good things. Thanks libsta. LOL always keeping an eye out for them types and will do.
Comment icon #44 Posted by Kludge808 10 years ago
that's a different story. Murder and self defense for which you feel no choice. Two different things. I don't think if you had a 4 year old holding a knife and threatening to kill an adult. You'd shoot the four year old. If talking down the situation doesn't work, of course I would. While a child isn't able to process the full ramifications of his actions, they are no less deadly in this situation than in the original case. At the same time, I would be more prone to shoot to disable rather than kill if no other means of neutralizing the situation presented itself.
Comment icon #45 Posted by wolfknight 10 years ago
I think this guy is really out there. We all still have free will. We all know it is wrong to take a human life. Why would anyone with a sane mind let someone talk them in to killing someone. I believe theses so called Whisperers pray on a unbalanced mind or drug them. This to just to damn strange.
Comment icon #46 Posted by ZaraKitty 10 years ago
Dolphins kill for pleasure, who's whispering to them?
Comment icon #47 Posted by Bracket 10 years ago
Dolphins kill for pleasure, who's whispering to them? This guy.
Comment icon #48 Posted by Zaphod222 10 years ago
Can people talk others into killing? OF COURSE they can! Religious preachers do it all the time. Just look what happens every day around the world. Sheesh, where has the article writer been living. Mars?
Comment icon #49 Posted by ad hoc 10 years ago
well if i ever get my killing spree on, i think i'll say benjamin gorka told me to. for a laugh
Comment icon #50 Posted by karmakazi 10 years ago
It seems to me that the author of the article is suggesting that since he felt that he was "whispered" or affected that it means everyone can be... that's silly though. There are people who are much more easily led and influenced than others. It's that simple. One of my ex boyfriends would buy into ANYTHING he was told by someone, if that person made themselves appear an authority on the subject. Within a month he'd lose interest in whatever it was, or he'd never follow through in the first place, but the effect would last long enough for him to walk around all big-eyed proclaiming to everyone... [More]

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