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Gang dig 100ft tunnel to steal 6000

By T.K. Randall
January 15, 2012 · Comment icon 14 comments

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In a bizarre robbery a gang spent six months digging a tunnel to steal money from a cash machine.
Digging through the dirt under the street the criminals spent months meticulously carving out a passage that would place them underneath a cash machine at a Blockbuster Video store in Manchester. Amazingly the thieves actually managed to reach their target and made off with a grand total of 6000. "These people had obviously spent a long time plotting this crime and I doubt they would have been able to keep their plans secret for all that time, without telling others about their scheme," said Detective Sergeant Ian Shore. "In all my years of service, I have never seen anything quite as elaborate as this."
The labour-intensive robbery saw the gang spend six months digging a passageway under a Blockbuster Video in Fallowfield, Manchester to get up underneath the cash machine.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (14)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Odds 12 years ago
Wow, persistent... And stupid. Could they not thought of a more lucrative target??
Comment icon #6 Posted by King Fluffs 12 years ago
Wow. I guess they really wanted that 6 grand.
Comment icon #7 Posted by laserlife 12 years ago
ahah impressive, but 6 grand is really not worth all of this!
Comment icon #8 Posted by Junior Chubb 12 years ago
This would have made a great urban legend. 'Did you hear about those muppets that dug a 100ft tunnel to rob a cashpoint?' Its a shame it actually happened. Looking at the impressive tunnel makes you can see the 6000 was probably split between quite a few 'gang members', I wonder if they ended up getting less than a grand each. They might have have had trouble keeping their plans secret while digging the tunnel, but after committing a crime for rewards lower than the minimum wage I think they will remain tight lipped from here on in.
Comment icon #9 Posted by 13thDarkOne 12 years ago
Whenever it gets refilled, they just use the tunnel and get all the cash making easy money like nothing.
Comment icon #10 Posted by greywolf 12 years ago
The way my luck goes,i would probably dig a tunnel into the jail!
Comment icon #11 Posted by H.H. Holmes 12 years ago
After splitting the money up and deducting any type of expense for tools, I would say that the effort probably wasn't worth the reward.
Comment icon #12 Posted by The Unseen 12 years ago
Hey at least they did a good job with digging the tunnel,Maybe they should seek employment with the cartels at the border.LOL.not really just kidding.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Fluffybunny 12 years ago
After splitting the money up and deducting any type of expense for tools, I would say that the effort probably wasn't worth the reward. But it was just a dry run for the real target; the gumball machine in the lobby of the grocery store. They will be rolling in quarters. And Gum.
Comment icon #14 Posted by DaGreatBeliever 12 years ago
Haha they could have got more by just working

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