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Neanderthals out-competed by dogs

By T.K. Randall
May 18, 2012 · Comment icon 18 comments

Image Credit: CC 2.0 Arran Edmonstone
Early man used dogs to help them compete with the Neanderthals as far back as 32,000 years ago.
Is it believed that the domestication of dogs and the support they provided could have been a key factor in the rise of modern humans and the fall of the Neanderthals in Europe. The dogs of the time would have been about the size of a German Shepherd and would have saved their masters valuable energy by carrying meat and other supplies for them.

The domestication of animals has always been considered an important contributing factor to the success of our species, but these new finds emphasize just how critical they were in giving us the edge over our competitors.
Man's relationship with his best friend has lasted 32,000 years, with cave-dwelling hunter-gatherers using dogs to carry supplies so that they could save their energy for hunting.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (18)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by csspwns 11 years ago
arent neanderthals the same as humans? except like more ancient?
Comment icon #10 Posted by BaneSilvermoon 11 years ago
Neanderthals existed along side of what became modern man, sharing a common ancestor further back in the chain. But I know there are a couple people around here who can explain this in far more accurate detail than I can so I'll leave it at that for now.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Drakester 11 years ago
Why didn't Africans domesticate hyenas or cape hunting dogs? Why did they never domesticate Zebras for use in riding or battle? Some things just don't happen despite having the time to do so I guess. I think the ancient Egyptians (or maybe the Nubian?) did try to domesticate hyenas and zebras but they never succeeded. I guess sosome animals are just more suited for domestication than others. Both zebras and hyenas are quite dangerous and much stronger than say, horses and wolves...
Comment icon #12 Posted by Sakari 11 years ago
arent neanderthals the same as humans? except like more ancient? Kind of, they all live in New York.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Corbinrow 11 years ago
I watched a documentary about our early relationship with dogs. Friends over a garbage pile. Their first job was to guard our kids. That right there is a great survival advantage.
Comment icon #14 Posted by ceanes 11 years ago
Here an example of hyenas domesticated
Comment icon #15 Posted by Sakari 11 years ago
Here an example of hyenas domesticated But.....a hyena is not a dog, closer relation to a cat actually......
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado 11 years ago
Aye.. hyenas helping you hunt always ends up with everyone rolling about laughing.
Comment icon #17 Posted by DieChecker 11 years ago
I always thought the Neanderthals died out due to poor fertility. Experts say they had few children and barely managed to get to 50,000 individuals after that 250,000 years. Modern humans just out-procreated them, in my opinion. Probably shorter generations, with more children per female. Dogs probably didn't hurt either. They could help in lots of ways, as was already mentioned.
Comment icon #18 Posted by psyche101 11 years ago
I prefer " the relationship dogs have with us "...... They have un conditional love, we do not.....They make the relationship what it is, we do not. Ohh I do not know, I have come home many times to a happy puppy that has just torn open a garbage bag and had a feast on my bed. Or put my socks on to keep my feet warm on a cold morning only to walk into my home office and straight into a cold puddle of pee or near slip on a poo. I still pick her up and give her a cuddle, I just cannot get mad at her. My love for our puppy is pretty unconditional I think.

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