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Senator claims angels visited him in hospital

By T.K. Randall
January 5, 2013 · Comment icon 35 comments

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Illinois Senator Mark Kirk had an otherworldly experience while recovering from a massive stroke.
Kirk had been taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and was recovering in intensive care when he recalled seeing three 'angels' standing at the foot of his bed. "You want to come with us ?" one of them asked. "No," Kirk replied, "I'll hold off." When questioned about the incident he later commented "a thing goes off in your head that this is the end."

Kirk's experience is similar to those of more than 8 million people in America alone who have reported some form of celestial visitation of near-death experience. Some of the more common things people report include witnessing a bright light or tunnel, a feeling of floating up out of your body and a sense of intense euphoria and peace.
Illinois Senator Mark Kirk has wrestled with lots of devilish political issues during his 28-year political career, but after suffering a stroke one year ago, he claims he had a very different experience: an encounter with angels.

Source: Live Science | Comments (35)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #26 Posted by IronGhost 10 years ago
Is this the study you're refering to? It clearly discusses and measures serum partial pressure of oxygen (pO2). The authors note in their discussion section: "In our study, the NDE group had a lower mean pO2 than the non-NDE group, but this difference was not statistically significant (Table a href=""2). Nevertheless, this finding is in favour of the theory of anoxia [5] and supported by several studies that reported NDE-like experiences in decreased cerebral perfusion (resulting in local cerebral hypoxia)..." Yes,... [More]
Comment icon #27 Posted by Artaxerxes 10 years ago
For the record: I believe Senator Kirk really saw three angels and that they really asked him if he was ready. we live in a holographic universe and when the physical body dies "the soul" merges back into the original holographic film our universe is a projection from. Art
Comment icon #28 Posted by Mr Walker 10 years ago
The senators reported past makes him an unreliable witness, but i saw nothing in the story that indicated these angels came when he was asleep or "near death". or even mentally affected by his stroke. Perhas they appeared, like mine did to me, when i was fully conscious unmedicated, and in front of many witnesses. I cannot discount the senators story because personlly it has happened to me, and i have been told and read many many stories of angels visiting people and offering guidance, courage, power and release from fear and anxiety. BUT in this case I might be even more tempted to say my fir... [More]
Comment icon #29 Posted by IronGhost 10 years ago
Note: "Kirk" is the old Scottish word for "church"
Comment icon #30 Posted by fullywired 10 years ago
When I read posts like the original I think to myself "And these people get to vote"!!!!! but now I also think "not only do they vote but they vote for idiots" fullywired
Comment icon #31 Posted by Sean93 10 years ago
' LSD was first created in 1938 by Albert Hofmann. The above is impossiable. I wasn't being serious...
Comment icon #32 Posted by Idano 10 years ago
' LSD was first created in 1938 by Albert Hofmann. The above is impossiable. no LSD but there was ergot back then...
Comment icon #33 Posted by highdesert50 10 years ago
I will admit that NDE is not a topic I have studied, but as a researcher, I would caution individuals to really spend some time with legitimate studies that establish rigor in method with mention to the limitations of the study. We must remember that correlation research looks for parallelism in variables and does not assume causation, that the effect is "caused" by some other variable. What fascinates me in the NDE writings I have stumbled upon, is not what metabolic effects cause these "spiritual" experiences, but the why. The "mind" has many avenues it could explore. So, why do we as a spec... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by Ron Jeremy 10 years ago
you know, I keep saying this but different people from different cultures see different versions of NDE. In a case of a well-known buddhist nun in Korea, she saw a Korean version of grim reaper who told her to get away, not some cherubic angels. That being said, one Hindu guys met Krishna during his NDE and was told that there was a clerical error.
Comment icon #35 Posted by wimfloppp 10 years ago
Ithink what kirk saw were nurses

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