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Lake creature caught on film in Ireland

May 2, 2013 | Comment icon 67 comments

Image Credit: Conall Melarkey
Student Conall Melarkey was filming from a boat on Lough Foyle when something unusual appeared.
[!gad]In the footage, the Nessie-like hump of what looks like a large creature rises up out of the water and swims across in front of the boat. After moving in a straight line for some distance the object slowly sinks back down and out of sight while the people on board the boat can be heard exclaiming in disbelief at what they'd just witnessed.

The video has attracted a lot of attention since appearing on Youtube. Some have suggested that the object is actually a piece of debris, a whale or a hoax viral ad campaign. Melarkey has responded negatively to suggestions that the video is a stunt to promote the college project he was filming for at the time. "Canít believe people are suggesting this is just a viral promotion for our college project which is only two minutes long," he said.
There have been plenty of dodgy sightings of the Loch Ness Monster in the Scottish body of water of the same name, but video footage has emerged of a Nessie-esque creature filmed in an Irish lough.

Source: The Scotsman | Comments (67)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #58 Posted by Socio 9 years ago
Who fishes in a suit?
Comment icon #59 Posted by highdesert50 9 years ago
Its ridged back is reminiscent of the beluga. Although rare they can reach over 7m and 500kg.
Comment icon #60 Posted by jojopower 9 years ago
Comment icon #61 Posted by QuiteContrary 9 years ago
Why not go after it? Unless you already know what it is! Adventure over in seconds. "Ho hum...Let's go home and put on some fishing clothes to go out to dinner."
Comment icon #62 Posted by RingFenceTheCity 9 years ago
they all look way to be jumping mad and happy id captured it x Yep, definite fake imv.
Comment icon #63 Posted by RingFenceTheCity 9 years ago
That's better entertainment. Giant eel looking thing makes more sense.
Comment icon #64 Posted by beibeiqi 9 years ago
It honestly just looks like something drifting through the current. It had no traits really of being alive to me.
Comment icon #65 Posted by R4z3rsPar4d0x 9 years ago
Who goes fishing in a sportcoat? LMFAO
Comment icon #66 Posted by mushymopman 9 years ago
deffo staged with actors too am i the only 1 that can see that harry potter kid fishing in a suit
Comment icon #67 Posted by brlesq1 9 years ago
Fake all the way.

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