Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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The Loch Ness monster: a modern history

5-13-2022 | 3

Researcher Charles Paxton takes a look back over the history of the world's most famous lake monster.


Bizarre 'Bigfoot trap' is still being maintained after 48 years

5-4-2022 | 11

Nestled deep in the woods of Jackson County, Oregon, there can be found a trap which was built to capture a live Bigfoot.


New Loch Ness monster footage hailed as 'best in 20 years'

5-3-2022 | 20

A couple who had been visiting Loch Ness recently managed to record something unexplained moving in the water.


Canadian farmer recalls 'terrifying' Bigfoot encounter

5-1-2022 | 26

The creature, which was spotted at a horse farm in Manitoba, prompted an armed response from the locals.


Nessie sketch among Scotland's 'Monster Files'

4-26-2022 | 10

A sketch of the Loch Ness Monster drawn in 1936 has been revealed as part of a cache of newly published files.


Could whale genitalia explain sea monster sightings ?

4-17-2022 | 19

An ecology professor has put forward one of the strangest explanations for sightings of long-necked sea monsters.


Weird 'alien-like' creature washes up on Australian beach

 VIDEO  4-2-2022 | 30

Pastor Alex Tan recently captured footage of a very strange creature that he discovered on a beach in Queensland.


Alleged 'river troll' photographed in Mississippi

4-1-2022 | 32

A family who lived on a houseboat once captured a strange image in the waters of coastal Mississippi.


UK government once wanted to use dolphins to hunt Nessie

3-24-2022 | 3

According to reports, Margaret Thatcher's government once planned to use trained dolphins to hunt the Loch Ness Monster.


Mermaids: beautiful enchantresses or harbingers of doom ?

3-20-2022 | 6

A recent test of a 'mermaid mummy' in Japan has generated renewed interest in the phenomenon.


Pentagon's UFO files include encounter with 'werewolf'

3-10-2022 | 7

A number of unexplained sightings and experiences have been revealed through interviews with former officials.


Bizarre video shows green 'furry' snake in Thailand

 VIDEO  3-5-2022 | 8

Video footage of a rather peculiar discovery has been doing the rounds on social media this month.


Mystery creature discovered on a street in Australia

3-4-2022 | 20

A jogger recently came across this indescribable creature and nobody seems to know what on Earth it is.


Why are TV investigators having such a hard time 'Finding Bigfoot' ?

3-3-2022 | 234

Given the number of teams out there who are searching for the creature, why haven't they found it yet ?


The Yowie - could Australia's Bigfoot actually exist ?

2-27-2022 | 13

Over the years there have been hundreds of sightings of a large bipedal ape-like creature in the Australian Outback.


Mystery 6ft creature spotted on rural road in England

2-24-2022 | 21

A witness who had been driving home in the early hours of Sunday morning encountered something very unusual.


'Monster' photographed at Wimbledon Park Lake

1-30-2022 | 10

A construction manager recently snapped a picture of something unusual in a lake in south-west London.


Unidentified animal baffles experts in Pennsylvania

 VIDEO  1-22-2022 |

A mysterious animal that resembles some sort of dog or coyote has been discovered in the west of the state.


New study casts doubt on Loch Ness Monster plesiosaur theory

1-20-2022 | 25

The famous Scottish loch monster is often said to be a plesiosaur - but just how plausible is that?


Snowboarder encountered 'Bigfoot' in Colorado Rockies

1-18-2022 | 32

A British man who had been snowboarding in the Rockies observed a mysterious bipedal creature.

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