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'Weeping' tree worshipped in California

August 15, 2013 | Comment icon 35 comments

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Catholics have flocked to a tree in Fresno, California because they believe it is weeping God's tears.
[!gad]People started to gather at the otherwise unremarkable Crape Myrtle tree on Wednesday when parishioner Maria Ybarra first reported drops of liquid falling from it. As word got around more and more people turned up, attracting the attention of local news crews. "When you say ‘glory be to God in Jesus’ name’ the tree starts throwing out more water," said Ybarra.

Fresno arborist Jon Reelhorn however believes there is a more down-to-earth explanation for the mysterious drips - tree lice excrement. "The aphides will suck the sap, the sap goes through the aphid and then it is a honey dew excrement from the aphid and it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip down," he said.

This hasn't stopped people gathering to pray at the tree however. "I can tell you looking at it from a scientific standpoint and a spiritual standpoint it is the work of God manifesting here on earth," parishioner Ybarra argued.
Ybarra was the first person to feel the drops of liquid, which began falling from the Crape Myrtle tree on Wednesday. As news spread, more and more people gathered under the tree to pray.

Source: Buzzfeed | Comments (35)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #26 Posted by Parsec 9 years ago
I have lived long enough on the earth to believe: God exists, but many things are done in His name by those who would manipulate people for power or profit. Science is a wonderful tool for exploring the universe but is wholly inadequate for discussing spiritual questions; Theology and science are two different disciplines often asking two different questions and seeking different answers. Atheism is often as dogmatic as religion, I rarely pay attention to radicals on either side, they give me a headache. You believe what you want, I believe what I want. Atheists cannot prove a universal negati... [More]
Comment icon #27 Posted by redhen 9 years ago
Having has some dealings with Catholicism, I consider it to be one of the largest cults in the world. Many of its followers are as ignorant of Biblical teaching as they are of science. They are steeped in the use of icons, and as a result "see" images and miracles where often a rational simple explanation would suffice. Many of the adherents are from poor countries and are probably not highly educated, and sadly the Catholic church has done nothing to dissuade them or educate them. Yes, the Church has to consider it's future base; the 3rd world and children; the superstitious and the credulous... [More]
Comment icon #28 Posted by bassai26 9 years ago
I remember a story about Virgin Mary weeping out blood as they say as it is crying in the Philippines but sadly this is a hoax...sorry i forgot about the person and year details.
Comment icon #29 Posted by moonshadow60 9 years ago
Who am I to scoff at what people believe? Good on them that they actually believe in something, even if it is a weeping tree. On my part, I think if God was going to cry He would do it in a much bigger way, not just in California, and I doubt he would do it with insect poop.
Comment icon #30 Posted by HollyDolly 9 years ago
Codemonger,I'm catholic too and I think these people are crazy.Nothing supernatural about it.Know the appearance of the Virgin Mary at Zeiuton in Egypt years ago,is something different.There are photos of a woman walking around the dome of St.Mary's Coptic Church praying etc. There are articles on this on the internet. She appeared to christians and muslims there and it was shown on their television stations. Now that's the way to go,something big,not bug poop. These are the same sort of people who believe in Santa Muerta,St.Death, the patron of drug cartels and criminals. When I saw the crowd... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by brlesq1 9 years ago
How silly.
Comment icon #32 Posted by 33SD 8 years ago
I've heard that some people worship door knobs. To each it's own; I wonder if they all end up at the same convention each year. I'm fine as a catholic and I believe that the power of prayer really holds no bounds.
Comment icon #33 Posted by ~C.S.M~ 8 years ago
Im catholic to but surely I wont worship a tree, let alone insect poo. This is more the effect of superstition due to poor education and poverty. I feel actually bad for these people, they most be in very bad shape if they all flock around a tree.
Comment icon #34 Posted by alfonso 8 years ago
is it a wheeping willow by any chance?
Comment icon #35 Posted by coldethyl 8 years ago
Oh my. Now I'm never standing under another tree again lest Jesus strike me with bug pee.

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