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World of the Bizarre

542 people dress as Batman at the same time

By T.K. Randall
September 20, 2014 · Comment icon 11 comments

More than 500 people dressed up as Batman at the event. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Pop Culture Geek
The bizarre scene set a new world record outside the Nexen headquarters in Calgary on Thursday.
There have been several cases of individuals dressing up as the Caped Crusader in recent years for purposes ranging from fighting crime to raising a smile, but this latest mass dress-up went a lot further both in terms of scale and ambition.

More than 500 employees of the oil and gas giant turned up outside the company's headquarters this week to raise funds for the United Way, an organization that works with charities across the United States.
In addition to raising money, the huge congregation of wouldbe Batmen also managed to secure a place in the Guinness Book of Records, each winning themselves the accolade of having participated in the world's largest gathering of people dressed as Batman.

"When we know we're united to do good, we have the power to make a difference," said Karen Young, vice-president and chief operating officer of the United Way of Calgary.

In total Nexen have managed to raise more than $17 million for charity over the last 20 years.

Source: Metro Calgary | Comments (11)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Eldorado 9 years ago
Bravo! I hope they never counted anyone twice. Would be an easy mistake to make, in the circumstances.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Still Waters 9 years ago
Good for them
Comment icon #4 Posted by ZOD 9 years ago
While that's impressive, I'm afraid that I was at an event that beat this number by exactly 58, yes ladies and gents. This picture shows 600 batmen in the same place. The Batman you can't see is the one you should fear most.
Comment icon #5 Posted by shrooma 9 years ago
the most important thing in life is to always be yourself. . unless you can be Batman. . then always be Batman. .
Comment icon #6 Posted by MissMelsWell 9 years ago
A friend of mine is at the Rose City Comicon this weekend with a booth--her husband invented a new board game called Slaughterball that's getting a lot of traction.. She posted a picture of three "spidermen" strolling the aisles with swag bags. For some reason it totally cracked me up. I don't know if 500+ Batman's would be as funny. LOL.
Comment icon #7 Posted by seaturtlehorsesnake 9 years ago
so, is the plural batmen? or bats-men? or batmans? this is important.
Comment icon #8 Posted by highdesert50 9 years ago
Not really so bizarre ... attend a football game and take notice of the fans of the opposing teams.
Comment icon #9 Posted by ZOD 9 years ago
so, is the plural batmen? or bats-men? or batmans? this is important. According to the books more than one Batman is Batman inc.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Robert1 9 years ago
I think it's great to know that they did this all for charity. Good for them.
Comment icon #11 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: 9 years ago
"I'm Batman." "No. I'm Batman." "Don't flatter yourselves. I'm Batman." "You're all wrong. I'm Batman."

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