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Hotel guest finds creepy note in a drawer

December 29, 2014 | Comment icon 25 comments

It isn't clear who wrote the note or what it was that lay behind the door. Image Credit:
Amy Jones discovered a message warning her that there was something sinister behind a locked door.
The journalism student had been staying at a hotel in Edinburgh over the Christmas period when she found the note in a drawer.

"Don't open the locked door! Don't trust its whispers!" the note's author had written before trailing off with "Leave, just lea..."

The door in question happened to be situated directly opposite the bed so that anyone sleeping there couldn't help but see it.
Despite the ominous warning however Jones went on to enjoy a good night's sleep.

"To anyone asking if I'm still alive. Yes. I'm fine," she said. "I slept well and woke a couple of times for a sip of juice. There were no whispers."

Source: AOL | Comments (25)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by spud the mackem 7 years ago
Pfffft. Like I don't know how to pick a lock. Facing the unknown is not a good idea , unlees you're ready for it,
Comment icon #17 Posted by highdesert50 7 years ago
Interesting prank. But, I would have been far more impressed if someone had left me a personal note of encouragement ... a lasting legacy of love and respect.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot 7 years ago
Sometimes i ask my self why do we get news like this, it's not that there is a lack of happenings worldwide so that everything someone finds strange gets to TV or at online news sites. By just looking at style of writing its obviously just a joke, and bad one.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Zero Fox FK 7 years ago
Don't trust the note, it lies. Run, run while you ca
Comment icon #20 Posted by Finder of Lost Things 7 years ago
An awesome prank from a wonderfully twisted mind!
Comment icon #21 Posted by schizoid78 7 years ago
Hmm, is that worth an article, really? 1408 has been out there for many years already! Schizo
Comment icon #22 Posted by Podo 7 years ago
Clearly someone playing a prank. But, that's a great idea for the next time I'm staying in a hotel!
Comment icon #23 Posted by Princess Serenity 7 years ago
I would have looked but have something in my hand first. I would have screamed bloody murder if someone was hiding.
Comment icon #24 Posted by woodsbooger 7 years ago
A prank I love to pull at hotels (and I got this idea from comedian Chris Hardwick), is where when you get out of the shower and the mirror is all fogged up to write "nice boobs!" So that next time when someone showers it will say nice boobs again on the mirror.
Comment icon #25 Posted by camelfy 7 years ago
should've open the door.

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