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Truck driver photographs 'ghost' in tunnel

By T.K. Randall
October 3, 2015 · Comment icon 25 comments
An image taken from the cab of a lorry shows what looks like a dark figure walking in to a tunnel.
Truck driver Stephen Smyth and his colleague George Furst managed to capture the eerie image while driving through a road tunnel in Cork, Ireland.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," said Furst. "It looked like an old man wearing an old tweed coat."

"It was quite freaky the way the figure is clearly in front of where my lorry drove only seconds later so it can't be a human being, or I would have hit them," Furst added.

"In fact, we must have driven right through him just after the picture was taken."

While both men believe that the entity could be the spirit of a man who drowned in a nearby river, critics have argued that the figure on the image could simply be a reflection in the truck's window.

Source: New York Daily News | Comments (25)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by Calibeliever 9 years ago
.... Not sure if it could be a reflection of the driver off the windshield, but that would be my first guess. You beat me to it. That was my instant thought. There are reflections off the windscreen all over the place which makes it the most likely answer.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Zero Fox FK 9 years ago
Usually I call bull**** but on this occasion... Birdshit
Comment icon #18 Posted by darkzoneromana 9 years ago
It looks like it could be some garbage in the road. I have seen a large plastic bag infront of me while driving that suddenly popped up from a gust of wind for a brief moment my brain yelled I am going to hit some body before reason kicked in and said duh plastic.
Comment icon #19 Posted by acute 9 years ago
Basically, we should all give up posting pictures on UM. Everything can be faked.
Comment icon #20 Posted by evp 9 years ago
Agreed that anything can in fact be manipulated with graphic programs. EXIF data can be reintroduced into any image. We must keep in mind that evidence is subjective and with the plethora of so called proof it's commonly numbing. I've had several occasions where auditory messages indicate they are not radio frequency interference. I've studied, observed and had interesting results. There are plenty of skeptics here willing and able to satisfy their belief system entirely through the readings of online studies but that doesn't occur in all cases to be truth. I agree that many so called cases ar... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by lorimommy3 9 years ago
I love Ireland and I would LOVE to know more about this ghost story! A man who drowned nearby? opps not Ireland
Comment icon #22 Posted by lorimommy3 9 years ago
Comment icon #23 Posted by Calibeliever 9 years ago
Basically, we should all give up posting pictures on UM. Everything can be faked. I don't think this was faked at all. I just think it's a reflection in his windscreen.
Comment icon #24 Posted by freetoroam 9 years ago
I don't think this was faked at all. I just think it's a reflection in his windscreen. Exactly what I think too. It is reflections on the windscreen and someone has made it into a story. That's been done throughout history only now there are a lot more props to work with.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Black Monk 9 years ago
but also photo shopped. That's the convenient excuse that all the skeptics come out with.

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