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Amityville Horror house has gone up for sale

By T.K. Randall
June 9, 2016 · Comment icon 44 comments

The address of the house was changed following the events that transpired there. Image Credit: PD - Seulatr
The infamous house which inspired the Amityville Horror book and movies is selling for $850,000 USD.
112 Ocean Avenue had all the hallmarks of the perfect family home until, on one fateful day in 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo went on a killing spree which saw him murder his parents and all four of his siblings in the early hours of the morning while most of them were still asleep in their beds.

Initially insisting that the deaths had been the work of a hitman, DeFeo later confessed and was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences in jail - a term he continues to serve to this day.

The house in which the incident took place would go on to become the setting of Jay Anson's popular book 'The Amityville Horror' which focused on paranormal occurrences at the property.
A series of movies, including the 1979 classic of the same name, would also be made.

Now though, over four decades since the murders took place, the original Amityville Horror house has actually been put up for sale and can be purchased for the grand sum of $850,000.

"A friend of mine from high school, his family owned it," said broker Jerry O'Neil. "I spent a lot of time in this house as a kid. It's a beautiful home. Local people refer to this story not as the Amityville horror but as the Amityville hoax. The only horror about this house was that a family was murdered."

Whether anyone will actually want to purchase the house however remains to be seen.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #35 Posted by freetoroam 8 years ago
Why, do they do a good fry up in the morning?
Comment icon #36 Posted by rashore 8 years ago
Lol, that might depend on your definition of a good fry up.
Comment icon #37 Posted by freetoroam 8 years ago
The Amityville house has never been haunted. Here is what really happened and how a family thought they would cash in on the horrors which did occur there: a few points:   owners, none of whom said they experienced anything spooky or supernatural, The ghost story began in 1974, when six members of a family were killed in that house by their youngest son, Butch DeFeo. The house was sold the following year to George and Kathy Lutz, Soon after, the Lutzes said they encountered terrying supernatural forces.   The Lutzes told their story to a writer named Jay Anson, Researchers who double-checke... [More]
Comment icon #38 Posted by rashore 8 years ago
You totally suck free... here I was hoping that notification was going to treat me to a gorging of verbal good fry up. My gastric is sad   You are right that it ain't haunted. But dang my dying taste buds in face of the kitchen filling up with dinner smells could have used a good fry up right now.
Comment icon #39 Posted by LostSouls7 8 years ago
I heard the ghosts make very good pancakes at the house.
Comment icon #40 Posted by freetoroam 8 years ago
Sorry about that short interruption. Let me have another go: Enjoy.
Comment icon #41 Posted by rashore 8 years ago
I think I kind of fell in love.. please tell me that comes with endless tea or coffee and bready bits with butter and sweet preserves and Im', sold. And I mean good bready bits that once can platter up with all that good fry. No flimsy filler pancakes for this girl.
Comment icon #42 Posted by freetoroam 8 years ago
I love a good fry up. But here is a horror to match the Amityville; many years ago a couple of us went to Sheerness, we went into a cafe and ordered a fry up each....the whole lot was swimming in so much oil, it was a real shocker for an avid fry up fan. The bread was on the plate too and was soaked. There was no Trip Adviser review sites in those days, but quite frankly, I think it was more a case for the police - it was criminal what they done. As we left, without eating it, I went up to the counter and said "can I leave you a tip?" the woman said "Oh yes", to which I replied  " sack th... [More]
Comment icon #43 Posted by Yamato 8 years ago
It's actually a small lot.  0.25 acres.   A rectangle of property with the house right in the middle of it, producing three narrow corridors of yard on three sides.  A small backyard on the lake is the only good thing about the lot really.
Comment icon #44 Posted by preacherman76 8 years ago
Mentally ill in Amityville.   accidentally kill your family still   thinkin he won't but damn it he will   Mentally ill in Amityville - Slim Shady    

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