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CCTV footage shows 'creature' at gas station

By T.K. Randall
September 8, 2016 · Comment icon 34 comments

The strange figure made its way around the parking lot. Image Credit: YouTube / Anthony Choy
A mysterious figure has been captured on camera moving around at night outside a gas station in Peru.
The peculiar footage, which has already been viewed almost one million times since it was first uploaded on to YouTube at the end of last month, shows what looks like a small figure moving towards the right-hand side of the frame along the outside edge of the building's parking lot.

Two men standing in the foreground, who don't notice the figure until around one minute in to the video, can be seen walking towards it just as it is about to disappear off to the side.
According to the video's caption, the "strange creature or robot less than a meter high" was seen "floating or walking" through the car park at 3:30am before later being hit by a cargo truck.

The footage has generated a lot of discussion on social media with suggested explanations ranging from an extraterrestrial visitor to a deflated helium balloon being blown in the wind.

The video itself, which was uploaded by YouTube user Anthony Choy, can be viewed below.

Source: YouTube | Comments (34)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #25 Posted by TopToffee 7 years ago
God i wish i was a kid again.!
Comment icon #26 Posted by Rlyeh 7 years ago
And you'd lose interest in it?
Comment icon #27 Posted by Chaldon 7 years ago
I bet he wouldn't. And the guy in the video didn't. He just a bit hesitated to call the others. And I bet it was the girl who pulled everyone out to take a look, otherwise they'd continue sipping their cervezas. Anyway he wasn't frightened of the thing, that is much clear. And that's somewhat suspicious.
Comment icon #28 Posted by ouija ouija 7 years ago
Why? The 'creature' is small and is moving away from them and they are following at a little distance. If it was bigger or simply rushed at them they would probably run off screaming!
Comment icon #29 Posted by Chaldon 7 years ago
I doubt it, everything blatantly weird is frightening, no matter it is big or small. Looks more like he's instantly 'identified' the thing (without looking at it closely enough) and only a few moments later began to doubt it. I can assume he's got into the station building and said something like "There's some weird helium balloon drifting around. Take a look!". That would explain why everyone's calling it "globo" and only later the girl starts to object (something "el globo de helium nunca ...").
Comment icon #30 Posted by Chaldon 7 years ago
Looks like the case is already closed: A journalist visited the scene and found a deflated blue balloon hanging from a nearby bush. Looks pretty convincing... and unconvincing at the same time as it is not shiny-metallic and has no "tentacles". Of course, he could have bought it in a nearby shop and planted there himself, but that is getting into conspiracy stuff, and it's getting too much for me. Yep, every good UFO case eventually drowns in conspiracies. Here's an interesting link as well: http://www... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by Chaldon 7 years ago
Nope, I took another look of the video, it does NOT glow by itself, only reflecting bright lights of the gas station behind. Another argument for it really was a half-deflated helium balloon. Much ado about nothing... Once again... *sigh*
Comment icon #32 Posted by DieChecker 7 years ago
One thing I've noticed about YouTube is that until you become a preferred user, the video resolution you are allowed to post is very low. Many videos posted by people as a one time post will therefore be super grainy and very low resolution. My sister in law made several TV Parodies and posted them on YouTube, and it wasn't until she had like 10,000 views on some of them that her upload memory allowance was increased so she could post "regular" resolution videos.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Timonthy 7 years ago
That's not correct at all. I can post full 1080p videos and I have only a few views from myself and friends. I don't know about 4K (ultra HD), but I doubt that's the case as well. Eg. A video I uploaded 3 days ago was a 3+ GB .MTS file straight from a 1080P 50FPS video camera. If I access the link from another browser, while not logged in to my YouTube account, it is available to watch in: 1080p50, 720p50, 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p. YouTube converts and transcodes the video to you upload to the format you see when you watch videos, but the compression does not have a massive impact on image qu... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by DieChecker 7 years ago
That could very well be true. She's not a genius.... 

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