Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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USS Zumwalt sets sail under Capt. James Kirk

Posted on Friday, 9 September, 2016 | Comment icon 16 comments

The ship certainly looks the part. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 US Navy / General Dynamics Bath Iron Works
The state-of-the-art ship has 'boldly' ventured out on the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek TV series.
The world's most advanced destroyer has finally set sail this week for Baltimore where it will be formally commissioned before heading to its home port of San Diego.

Brimming with sophisticated instruments and built to be virtually undetectable on the high seas, the highly advanced vessel has been compared to the fictional USS Enterprise in Star Trek - not only because of its futuristic appearance but also because it is commanded by Captain James Kirk.

On top of all that, the ship just happens to be heading out in time for Star Trek's 50th anniversary.
"Certainly I have been ribbed every now and then with someone saying, 'Yes, you're going where no man has gone before, on this class of ship,'" said Kirk.

The destroyer, which measures 610ft in length and features a peculiar angular design, is brimming with weaponry including a gun that fires rocket-powered shells over 63 nautical miles.

Its formal commissioning ceremony will be taking place next month.

Source: Popular Mechanics | Comments (16)

Tags: James Kirk, USS Zumwalt

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Gecks on 10 September, 2016, 4:30
So your saying the design causes it to appear significantly smaller on radar than it actually is?
Comment icon #8 Posted by DarkHunter on 10 September, 2016, 5:59
Ya, judging from its designs, and I'm no expert on stealth, but the design seems to be going for the same stealth mechanic the F-117 uses by attempting to scatter radar to reduce the detected size.  
Comment icon #9 Posted by highdesert50 on 20 September, 2016, 11:57
They may share the same names, but I dare say that "to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before" is hardly the intent of the naval counterpart. When we mature from the state of living in fear, perhaps then our technology will encourage us to reach out rather than strike out.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Marcin on 21 September, 2016, 8:05
Just think for a second, where could we be by now if we'd invest just a third of what is globally spent on war-machine, into things like discovery, exploration, and overall betterment of our species...
Comment icon #11 Posted by DieChecker on 22 September, 2016, 6:51
Possibly speaking Russian, or Chinese. The Japanese didn't spend on military for decades and they didn't get any further ahead then anyone else.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Parsec on 22 September, 2016, 20:39
The fudge?  Come on Die Checker,  you know better!    First Marcin said 'globally spent',  so it would hypothetically apply to everybody,  Russians and Chinese as well.  Afraid of the commies?  Why did you arbitrarily chose those two countries and the last 40 years?  We could all speak German as well.  Or French, if Napoleon wouldn't have lost.  Or Spanish,  would the Invicible Armada not have been sunk by those storms.   Second,  I don't understand what you mean about Japan. When are you referring to? When in 1853 commodore Perry of the US navy forced them out of their self imposed isolationi... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by DieChecker on 27 September, 2016, 3:41
Ahhh... Globally... Yes, in fairy tale world, yes, we'd be a lot better off. If there were no Stalins, or Hitlers, or others who desired power over advancement of the human race. What are the odds that's going to happen. We might as well discuss what we'd do with bigfoot and Nessie, because finding them isn't (probably) going to happen either. My point was that without the US, and Western Europe spending on military, Hitler would have rolled over everyone and all of Europe and likely the US, would be speaking German right now. Same thing with the Russians right after WW2, if we'd not spent wha... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Parsec on 28 September, 2016, 21:33
Still,  it looks like you are missing Marcin's point once again.    Only because to you it's a waste of time thinking about such a "fairy tale",  it doesn't mean you have to dismiss it like that.  He was obviously talking about an absurd possibility,  we sadly know things work differently. Although a lot of military research have civilian applications after some years,  it's debatable if the technological improvement wouldn't be the same without the military "stage". Bear in mind,  he didn't talk about cancer or diabetes,  but "things like discovery, exploration, and overall betterment of our ... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by DieChecker on 29 September, 2016, 6:52
Fine, fine, fine... Marcin posted a "What If?" and I responded with a smart alec remark. That's what happened. If all you want is to be correct... fine, fine, fine. If you actually just want to discuss, for entertainment value, then perhaps I'll respond.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Parsec on 29 September, 2016, 22:56
DieChecker, I like you (as far as a forum poster goes,  no weird ideas),  that's why I said that you knew better, I meant and do think that.  And now you just shown it,  kudos to you.  Actually I'm interested for entertainment value in your thoughts,  so if you care to share,  I'll read with interest. 

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