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Space & Astronomy

Forget FarOut: FarFarOut has been discovered

February 26, 2019 | Comment icon 13 comments

How far is far, far out ? Image Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa / Carnegie Institution for Science
The discoverer of the most distant known object in our solar system has now found an even more distant one.
Named 'FarFarOut', the new object, which is situated 140 AU away in the outer reaches of the solar system, beats the previous record holder 'FarOut' which is situated at a distance of 120 AU.

(1 AU is the approximate distance from the Earth to the Sun).

In a peculiar twist, Carnegie Institution for Science astronomer Scott Sheppard discovered the new object just one day before he was scheduled to give a lecture on its predecessor.
Sheppard and his team in Washington, D.C. have been analyzing astronomical data in an effort to discover the whereabouts of the fabled (and increasingly infamous) Planet Nine.

FarFarOut is located in the Kuiper Belt - a cold, vast region beyond the orbit of Neptune populated with small, icy bodies left over from the formation of the solar system.

"It is very faint; it is on the edge of our ability to detect it," said Sheppard. "We don't know anything about the orbit of this object, we just know it is far, far out."

Source: Popular Mechanics | Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by bison 3 years ago
Yes. I could see that happening. There are an immense number of objects in the Kuiper Belt. We'll probably run out of names before it runs out of objects!†
Comment icon #5 Posted by Unfortunately 3 years ago
I vote for FurtherOut.† "FarOutDude" "FarTheeWell" Okay, I'll stop.†
Comment icon #6 Posted by Impedancer 3 years ago
"Too far far far out " :-)
Comment icon #7 Posted by -Nuke- 3 years ago
When they find the next its generic name will be "TheOutsideFarFarOutSoSuperFarFarFarOut" aka "TheChickYouNeverHadAChanceWith" TCYNHACW-1204837b
Comment icon #8 Posted by Impedancer 3 years ago
Comment icon #9 Posted by Impedancer 3 years ago
What you hear is what you get Wyhiwyg :-)
Comment icon #10 Posted by Unfortunately 3 years ago
As much as I think this is hilarious † ...I feel like crying on the inside. Names used to be important.†
Comment icon #11 Posted by Impedancer 3 years ago
Hmm it should be named the resturant at the end of the universe.:-)
Comment icon #12 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf 3 years ago
This isn't it's name. It's only a nickname given to it by the astronomers until it is designated an official name by the International Astronomical Union. Most Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) are named after deities from minor religions. For example when TNO 136472 was discovered it was nicknamed Easter Bunny. It was given the official name Makemake after one of the deities that were worshipped on Easter Island. † I vote to call the next one Tipperary, after all, as the song says, "it's a long way to Tipperary".
Comment icon #13 Posted by Likely Guy 3 years ago
I vote for "Way Cool".

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