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City offers $1.1M for proof that it doesn't exist

By T.K. Randall
August 23, 2019 · Comment icon 20 comments

Proving it does exist is easy enough... Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 INDALOMANIA
A group in Bielefeld, Germany is offering a hefty cash prize to anyone who can prove that the city doesn't exist.
The city, which dates back to the 9th Century and has a population of over 340,000 residents, clearly does exist, thus making any effort to prove otherwise somewhat futile.

The competition is actually a reference to a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory dating back 25 years.

It originated with a student who posted "Bielefeld? There's no such thing" on Usenet - a primitive messaging service that was popular during the early days of the Internet.
The message ended up becoming a long-running joke in Germany, spawning multiple references.

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel mentioned it in 2012 after attending an event at the city.

Participants of the new competition will have until September 5th to submit any pictures or other evidence proving that Bielefeld doesn't exist.

Suffice to say, it's unlikely that the prize money will be going anywhere.

Source: BBC News | Comments (20)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #11 Posted by Timothy 3 years ago
Thatís what Germans think.† I have some German genes too. And†I get it. Lol! But Iím an idiot and I will entertain myself with stupid things, so maybe that helps.†
Comment icon #12 Posted by Timothy 3 years ago
You have a failed understanding. If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it: The atoms which generate the sounds still exist and their affect on surrounding atoms still occurs as normal.† If there was no sound, then no tree fell. Whatís your trick for casinos? You seem kinda confident. But I fear it may be misplaced confidence.†
Comment icon #13 Posted by pixiii 3 years ago
Suffice to say, it's unlikely that the prize money will be going anywhere. I feel like this would be the same as any of us saying .....Lets run a competition in here on UM where the prizemoney is 1 million dollars and all the winner has to do is prove the sky isn't blue. † † † † I just know someone is going to come back and say, but it isn't blue and my example†will be ruined. ††
Comment icon #14 Posted by Ratbiter 3 years ago
This is quiet easy to prove but the explanation is very long winded, So I'll not bother as there will be no reward at the end of it, Because you can not claim a prize from a place that doesn't exist.
Comment icon #15 Posted by toast 3 years ago
Well yes, I`m a German and I`ve tried a few times to visit Bielefeld. Even it its in the maps, there is nothing when you are there where it is claimed to be. The Google Earth view is photoshopped and the newspapers are faked as well, see example here. The competition and the prize itself are jokes because as Bielefeld does not exists, it cannot have any officials who could check the proofs.†Thats logical, right?
Comment icon #16 Posted by toast 3 years ago
Congratulation. I`m sure your post was the longest comment ever which had nothing to do with the topic.
Comment icon #17 Posted by godnodog 3 years ago
heres another weird one, Lisbon is not the capital of Portugal, yet everyone here (me included) and around the world says it is, and I dare anyone to prove it is the capital, a simple law stating it is Lisbon will sufice.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Scholar4Truth 3 years ago
Maybe the people that issued this challenge either and its all part of the conspiracy
Comment icon #19 Posted by Impedancer 3 years ago
We're in the matrix so give me the cash.
Comment icon #20 Posted by third_eye 3 years ago
There's a door on your right, go up the stairs, find the blue phone in the room with a 'do not enter' sign, stay by the phone and wait for further instructions.† Unless of course if you took the red pill... ~

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