Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Pianist photographs 'ghostly woman' in theater

Posted on Wednesday, 18 September, 2019 | Comment icon 134 comments

Could this be the theater's resident ghost ? Image Credit: Facebook / Chad Lawson
Chad Lawson had been doing a soundcheck at the Paramount Theater in Austin when the picture was taken.
The American pianist had been getting ready for a performance at the iconic theater and had taken photographs of his piano in the empty concert hall so that he could upload one to social media.

It wasn't until he looked at his photos in the hotel afterwards however that he noticed that something was amiss - a strange figure had appeared up on the balcony in one of the shots.

"I took three quick-tap photos from stage to share," he wrote. "In the photo you can clearly see someone in the mezzanine. Noticing it, I looked at the first and third pics and the person is absent."
After doing a bit of research into the building, he discovered that there had been stories for years of a ghostly woman in a white dress who is said to appear on the mezzanine floor.

"Needless to say.... I didn't sleep too well last night," Lawson wrote.

Source: Classicfm.com | Comments (134)

Tags: Ghost, Paramount Theater

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #125 Posted by Chewie1990 on 21 September, 2019, 20:28
It's distinctly possible, though like I said I dont think it's as nefarious as that - more than likely willful ignorance / confirmation bias / opportunism or a combination of the above.. That's a very good point, and faking time stamps is a lot easier than faking photos - then again I don't think I could do a convincing job of it with what I have available so I can't say for sure that CL can Perhaps it's more accurate to say if the guy is honest and true to his word it would clear it up, if he tries to fake it there's a chance someone more photo savvy than me will pick up on it RE: Why would t... [More]
Comment icon #126 Posted by the13bats on 21 September, 2019, 20:55
the few times i took photos of my venue or shows empty was for example to study the lights or show before crowd after crowd, in this case i dont see much grey area, there is something there, i dont believe paranormal or ghost but rather the very likely prosaic explanation a human, who or why there isnt too important really, like i said if there in person this one would likely be easy to investagate, easy to rule out all workers of being the subject or on the other hand rule one in, most good venues dont let looky lous wonder in and out, for liability reasons as well as respect and safety to th... [More]
Comment icon #127 Posted by Chewie1990 on 21 September, 2019, 23:27
There's a few interesting angles I hadn't considered there tbh I agree they are just people and it doesn't matter who they are, and we'll likely never know as "Myrtle" and friend(s) are likely either oblivious (unlikely) or happy to let the speculation go on, wheres the fun in spoiling it for them? You did make me think to check the theatre's twitter though and yeah they did put out a post about it a couple of days later, clearly looking for engagement with "What do you think? Did our woman in white make an appearance?" I have to say I'm quite surprised how little traction it seems to have gai... [More]
Comment icon #128 Posted by papageorge1 on 21 September, 2019, 23:42
Here's the words of our photographer. chadlawsonpiano    For anyone raising an eyebrow of my previous post, these are the 3 quick-tap photos taken in quick succession. For what it’s worth. He doesn't seem to consider that he could be mistaken but that is possible. Most likely scenario is that he did what he said he did but nobody can speak with perfect certainty. Eyebrow raised. You could not have systematically eliminated the paranormal logically. It's just not your favored theory (and I think the use of the word 'favored' is quite appropriate here).  
Comment icon #129 Posted by the13bats on 22 September, 2019, 0:36
i am ocd and research the hell out of stuff i find interesting which is mostly old stuff if you look up manwon lenders ghost pic post on here i feel at the risk of sounding arrogant i solved it to a 99.9% certainty, what was interesting is it had several back stories all of which claimed to be the correct one, so when these type modern ones pop up i pay very little creed to the reporters stories, with the added info you provided, ty, i was busy, lazy and feeling crappy to look it up myself i am sold that you blew this one up and for me it to is easy a 99.9% certainty a publicity stunt, with th... [More]
Comment icon #130 Posted by Chewie1990 on 22 September, 2019, 1:15
"For what its worth" Not a whole lot when faced with contradictory information I tend to find that when I'm mistaken I dont usually realise I'm mistaken until someone points out I'm mistaken.. Otherwise I wouldn't be mistaken..   I'm not really sure which bit you're struggling with here, so let's recap Anti-ghost evidence (and non-evidential red flags): - We have a photo that looks like a person, nothing inherently ghostly other than context, it's not floating, or mist-like, or passing through an object, or rattling chains, it's a fully corporeal body behaving as human bodies do - We have a th... [More]
Comment icon #131 Posted by Chewie1990 on 22 September, 2019, 1:29
It sounds like you and I are similarly afflicted, I'd hate to think how many hours I've spent researching inane topics online to no real end I really do think it's funny (and sad) how the people who fight the hardest for the paranormal perspective (whether it be hardcore believers, hoaxers or bad journalists) do more harm than good to their cause Just imagine if we didn't have a slew of fishing line videos, and all these haunted venue stories had unique and well fleshed out backstories instead of cookie cutter copy and paste jobs It would be a hell of a lot more entertaining and would be so mu... [More]
Comment icon #132 Posted by the13bats on 22 September, 2019, 3:15
i believe many such "paranormal" photos start out innocent like all the spookies on baby monitors, but people love haunted, its not like he wasted time posting it or jumping to ghost. so i ask myself why snap the pix of an empty venue, perhaps to take a pic of the lady on purpose and the ghost promo bit came later, its not really important bottom line not being there i cant prove its not a ghost but im comfortable saying its not a ghost due to all the evidence in a whole.  
Comment icon #133 Posted by Chewie1990 on 23 September, 2019, 6:22
All totally reasonable, I can think of ways to justify the photo beyond fakery but of course we're probably never going to know for sure, this story will be forgotten by the time the next one comes along (until its posted again in 5 years and attributed to a different city anyway..) The funny thing is if it were a deliberate fake (or deliberate misidentification of a normal event) he might have been better off posting photo 3 without mentioning ghosts at all - knowing the internet I'm pretty sure someone would have done the work for him.. as you say, people love haunted
Comment icon #134 Posted by Jr 1 on 26 September, 2019, 23:02
It looks like someone in sack clothing like in medieval times.

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