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Mystery aircraft spotted on runway near Area 51

By T.K. Randall
December 19, 2019 · Comment icon 23 comments

The base as it appeared back in 1990. Image Credit: United States Air Force
A number of unidentified aircraft have been spotted next to hangars at Tonopah Test Range Airport in Nevada.
Located at the northern edge of the Nevada Test and Training Range, Tonopah is not as well known as Area 51 but has itself been used to test a number of secretive experimental aircraft over the years.

Originally used to conduct flights of captured MiGs, the base was also involved in test flights of the Lockheed U-2 strategic reconnaissance aircraft, among others.

But what has the US Air Force been flying out of Tonopah in more recent years ?

Writing for The Drive, defense expert and author Tyler Rogoway recently acquired and published satellite images showing several identical, unidentified aircraft protruding from the hangars.

The image was taken by a Planet Labs' PlanetScope satellite on December 6th, 2019.
We are unable to publish the image directly however you can view it - here.

According to Rogoway, these particular hangars, which were originally built to house F-117's, contain at least one secretive aircraft that has been previously spotted on more than one occasion.

This particular image is unique because it shows an unusual level of activity.

It remains unclear exactly what this aircraft could be, however Rogoway speculates that it could be a derivative of the RQ-170 Sentinel or the US Air Force's secretive unmanned combat air vehicle.

Whatever the case, something interesting is clearly still being flown out of the base.

Source: The Drive | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Dumbledore the Awesome 4 years ago
The USAF has about a dozen used for surveillance.  Or could be the omnipresent Homeland Security, of course. 
Comment icon #15 Posted by Timothy 4 years ago
The article tells you what it is: NT-43A radar test bed (converted Boeing T-43 737-200). Callsign RAT55.  And for those who can’t see anything in the low-resolution image: It is clear when compared to other images that there is something in front of or protruding from the hangars.  Although what they are is impossible to tell without higher resolution images. 
Comment icon #16 Posted by Manwon Lender 4 years ago
I think they need to get a new Satelite, those images really really suck. I have seen Military Satilite images where you clearly read a name tag on a uniform. 
Comment icon #17 Posted by Eldorado 4 years ago
Mystery Objects Simultaneously Emerge From Hangars Again At Secretive Tonopah Airport At The Drive dot com:
Comment icon #18 Posted by aztek 4 years ago
Comment icon #19 Posted by Alchopwn 4 years ago
How does anyone expect to see a stealth aircraft anyhow ? (jk).
Comment icon #20 Posted by Rupert bear 4 years ago
The pilots perhaps? 
Comment icon #21 Posted by kel_kel 4 years ago
It's just another freaking airplane that men created to kill each other with... boring 
Comment icon #22 Posted by TrumanB 4 years ago
I visited Nevada in 2008. Now if I get that opportunity would definitely like to take a peak in that Area.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Obviousman 4 years ago

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