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Mysterious inscribed cubes discovered in river

By T.K. Randall
May 14, 2020 · Comment icon 22 comments

What is the significance of these symbols ? Image Credit: Will Read / Reddit / Facebook
A magnet fisherman in England has reeled in a haul of 60 lead cubes inscribed with strange symbols.
Will Read had been magnet fishing with his two young sons in the River Sowe in south Coventry when he found what he initially thought to be random junk, but what actually turned out to be a haul of 60 small lead cube-shaped blocks inscribed with a variety of patterns and symbols.

"We were out magnet fishing as our daily activity in lockdown and we were at a relatively isolated spot," he told Coventry Live. "At first we found keys and pennies and other bits and bobs and then we looked down and saw what we thought were tiles."

"I was live-streaming to friends on Facebook and I bent down and started picking them up. I also thought they might be rocks. I showed them to the camera and as I looked back more and more kept appearing."

The cubes were tiny - small enough to hold between the finger and thumb - and weighed 125g each.
The symbols on them appeared to be some form of Sanskrit.

Curious to know more, Read posted photographs of his discovery up on social media.

"There were all sorts of stories flying around at first, the cubes really captured people's imaginations," he said. "What I learned is that they are Indian in origin and they show incantations for prayers which take effect when they are thrown in running water."

Exactly how old the cubes are, however, continues to remain a mystery.

Source: Coventry Telegraph | Comments (22)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by Jaded1 3 years ago
Yeah, it sounds weird but it is a thing. You see quite a bit on metal detecting forums. It's basically dangling a magnet into the water, dragging it along the bottom and hoping for something nice and shiny on the end when you reel it back in.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Jaded1 3 years ago
Just beat me to it!
Comment icon #15 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
When i got tina into the hobby she went deep, she grabbed a top end water proof detector and after she figure out its zillion settings and can read it she can pretty much tell you what the item likely is, gold jewerly or coin etc I dont use discriminate settings on mine a different make model so for example on daytona shes digging up a silver dollar a foot or so deep and im digging up a kids hot wheels collection 2 ft deep.
Comment icon #16 Posted by travelnjones 3 years ago
fishing with magnets
Comment icon #17 Posted by Brassboy86 3 years ago
I'm just really confused as to how he pulled up lead with a magnet. What am I missing here?
Comment icon #18 Posted by toast 3 years ago
I'm just really confused as to where you have read he pulled up the cubes with a magnet.
Comment icon #19 Posted by travelnjones 3 years ago
They are cleaning out the water ways so i give em a thumbs up
Comment icon #20 Posted by Brassboy86 3 years ago
"A magnet fisherman out with his two young sonsat a river in Coventry reeled in almost 60 mysteriouscubes thought to show a sacred numerical inion."
Comment icon #21 Posted by Still Waters 3 years ago
Comment icon #22 Posted by Still Waters 3 years ago
I've just found an update.

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