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NASA wants to hear your conspiracy theories

By T.K. Randall
October 26, 2020 · Comment icon 12 comments

Ever wanted to ask NASA if America really went to the Moon ? Image Credit: NASA / James B. Irwin
The space agency is producing a special Halloween video in which it will debunk user-submitted conspiracies.
With so many conspiracy theories floating around these days, it can be difficult to keep up - which is why NASA has decided to dedicate its Halloween video this year to debunking as many common conspiracies as possible, especially those concerning the space agency itself.

"Think we didn't land on the Moon? What about the Earth being flat?" NASA wrote. "We're diving into conspiracies and hoaxes for a special #NASAHalloween episode of #AskNASA."

"What secret plans do you think we've been cooking up over the years?"

Unsurprisingly, the Tweet has since generated a great deal of interest.

"I just want to know why you haven't been back to the moon for so long ?" wrote @richietoamills. "That's the red flag for me. Surely its gotten easier over 40 years??"

"The earth is flat," @theVinceBonner argued. "The attitude indicator in planes have been mechanical for years. There would be a constant drift if earth was a sphere."
Some of the comments also delved into the subject of UFOs, Roswell and Area 51.

"1947 national security act was implemented solely for the Roswell crash," wrote @bigbird3420. "We learned integrated circuits from reverse engineering and Bob Lazar spilled the beans in 89, ununpentium (115) is now on my periodic table. What tech do you have to bring us out of fossil fuels?"

One commenter even cited Terry Pratchett's Discworld in response to the 'flat Earth' concept.

"You are wrong, it's a disc carried by 4 elephants, themselves carried by a giant turtle named Atuin floating in space," wrote @rtrrtrtrtr1. "But nice try though."

A video compiling NASA's responses to the questions asked will go out in time for Halloween.

Source: CNET.com | Comments (12)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by OverSword 3 years ago
I once read a book years ago that listed the amazing amount of things NASA has done on hitlers birthday.  
Comment icon #4 Posted by Kyle98632 3 years ago
Just wait until you see how many Big Mac McDonalds sells on Hitler's birthday.
Comment icon #5 Posted by OverSword 3 years ago
You do know that the top people at NASA in it's early heyday were actually Nazi's from Germany brought here under operation paperclip, right?  
Comment icon #6 Posted by Raptor Witness 3 years ago
The motive for this is likely to try and clean up their bad record, especially as it relates to UFOs. Even if the rationale, was that we don’t want to scare people, how much more scared are people going to be, when they find out the real truth was being hidden from them for decades? Lies have a way of catching up with U.S., as the coronavirus has proven. It’s far too late for NASA to come clean about anything, they are permanently damaged. This doesn’t detract from their past success, on the contrary, it further mystifies that science would lie in the first place. One of the problems we are fa... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by Obviousman 3 years ago
OK, let's start with this: NASA is not a branch of the US Department of Defense (spelt the way you Americans like it). There are six main branches of the US DoD: US Army US Navy US Air Force US Marine Corps (part of the Department of the Navy) US Coast Guard US Space Force (I'm not including DHS, National Guard, etc) NASA is NOT one of them.
Comment icon #8 Posted by AstralHorus 3 years ago
Almost messed up and posted this on the other moon article lol. But how can they say, they taped over the original moon landing tapes? Super suspect lol. Can’t expect much from a bunch of “ex” nazis I suppose lol.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Obviousman 3 years ago
That has all been explained and it is not 'suspicious' at all. See here.   If you haven't the time to read it, I am happy to provide a summary.
Comment icon #10 Posted by AstralHorus 3 years ago
No amount of explaining could explain that big of a mess up IMO. If this year has showed me anything, it’s the last people I trust are govt officials of either party.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Rolltide 3 years ago
Stand up comedy sketch
Comment icon #12 Posted by Obviousman 3 years ago
Did you read how it happened? Just in case, I'll give you a Soldier's 5: The video footage from the Moon was taken using what was called Slow Scan TV, then transmitted to Earth. Once received, the video format wasn't suitable for transmission to TV networks, etc, so it undergoes a conversion process (in essence, it was just like the Slow Scan TV video being shown on a TV, and a TV camera (for the networks) would film the picture shown on the display). This 'converted' footage is what went out to the world. It wasn't as good as the original SSTV footage but TVs of the day couldn't show that muc... [More]

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