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Does this photo show a panther in Australia ?

By T.K. Randall
January 24, 2021 · Comment icon 44 comments

Is there a panther on the loose near Melbourne ? Image Credit: Facebook / Michael Corr
A Melbourne carpenter has posted up a photograph he took of a large black cat near the Mornington Peninsula.
36-year-old Michael Corr had been walking with his young son through the Tootgarook wetlands to the south-east of Melbourne on January 14th when he caught sight of a large black animal.

Grabbing his phone, he managed to snap a picture before it disappeared into the reeds.

He quickly realized that what he had seen was no ordinary feline.

"I just thought that's the biggest cat I've ever seen and it was just crossing the tracks as if it was stalking something," he said. "My son ran in the other direction. We've been down there before and heard things rustling in the reeds but had never seen something like this."
"I know feral cats get big but it possibly could of been something else as there are stories that go way back about panthers in the wild in Australia left from the travelling circus and also from World War 2."

After returning home, Corr decided to upload the photograph to a number of Facebook pages and groups dedicated to sightings of large exotic cats in Australia.

He received hundreds of comments including many from others who had seen a similar creature.

Such reports are not uncommon - back in August, a woman from Queensland claimed that a panther had attacked her dog (for the second time) in the town of Jensen.

She also claimed to have seen a panther carrying a baby panther in its mouth.

You can view a full-sized photograph of the creature Michael Corr saw - here.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (44)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #35 Posted by Golden Duck 4 years ago
Im confused about the tail too
Comment icon #36 Posted by jmccr8 4 years ago
Hi Golde Duck  Maybe it's and alien hybrid mix cat-dog like a dat or a cog. jmccr8
Comment icon #37 Posted by Matt221 4 years ago
might be a standing one of these
Comment icon #38 Posted by Nnicolette 4 years ago
I have seen a lot of manxes. Sometime the housecats in the mountains breed with bobcats and the kittens generally come out all black, very intelligent and sometimes huge. They generally have bobtails, but i wonder if there are other wild cats in other areas that mix with housecats to make all these mysterious large black cats.
Comment icon #39 Posted by MysteryMike 4 years ago
Most likely a dog.
Comment icon #40 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
Manx is housecats is a genetic flaw akin to when inbred cats get polydactyly manx can come with other health issues, i have owned 2 healthy manx and one lives down the street, a wild bobcat isnt the same type flaw, A manx house cat isnt a breed a bobcat is.
Comment icon #41 Posted by jmccr8 4 years ago
Hi Bats Manx cats originate from the Isle of Man and I have had a couple myself years ago. jmccr8
Comment icon #42 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
I was under the inpression "manx" is the term for a housecat with the genetic disorder of having a tail deformity from shorter to rump butted a condition not a "breed" Adding: Perhaps im getting a bit narrow on what i consider a "breed" like Persian or Siamese are cat breeds to me but manx is a variant that any breed could have like having extra toes ( polydactyly )
Comment icon #43 Posted by jmccr8 4 years ago
Hi Bats I have this wiki link and yes manx cats have been around here for over 50 years since the first one was born but they do breed with other cats and depending on the litter size there can be one or to That was how I got my second one they were going to put it down because they thought there was something wrong with it and took it home. The Manx cat (/ˈmæŋks/, in earlier times often spelled Manks) is a breed of domestic cat (Felis catus) originating on the Isle of Man, with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail. Many Man... [More]
Comment icon #44 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
I saw wiki too but i still have perhaps just a weird personal thing calling the manx i knew and know a "breed", i still see the missing tail not breed specific but rather an affliction any cat could have like extra toes, now if there is a certain criteria that if met makes the that cat a manx okay, is there a "breed" with extra toes. But still if i have for example seal point siamese with no tail is it considered a "siamese" a "manx" or "siamese-manx" ?

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