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Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghostly figure caught on film in old building

February 26, 2021 | Comment icon 14 comments

A pair of urban explorers managed to capture an anomalous figure in an old abandoned care home.
Matt Nadin and Andy Thompson had been exploring the Mossley Manor Care Home in Liverpool, which has been abandoned since 2015, when their video camera picked up something unusual.

The duo, who go by the name 'Finders Beepers History Seekers', had been particularly interested in the building due to its dilapidated state and reputation as the 'care home from hell' due to a number of controversies and scandals that ultimately led to it being shut down.

The footage they captured is unsurprisingly eerie, showing the grim and run-down state of the building while highlighting its menacing and uncomfortable atmosphere.
At around 25 seconds into the video, the camera pans up a flight of stairs to a landing above where, for a brief second, it is possible to see a dark shadowy figure moving in the gloom.

The clip is quite impressive in that there is almost certainly something there, however it remains unclear what that something might be.

Some social media users have suggested that it could be a homeless person living in the building while others believe that the footage has been deliberately hoaxed.

There are some however who remain adamant that this is evidence of a paranormal presence.

Source: YouTube | Comments (14)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Jon the frog 1 year ago
Got out by the window probably...
Comment icon #6 Posted by acute 1 year ago
You can't pan up! It's a 'tilt'. You're welcome.
Comment icon #7 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
Mysterious figure? Watched them? Disappeared into thin air? No. And i dont care if the papa meter leans ( as it always does ) to paranormal, the only thing i got from this video is i need to get back to work on my fixer upper house.
Comment icon #8 Posted by papageorge1 1 year ago
Papameter Reading 55% Paranormal 45% Normal Factors: Cold, guy saw leg,
Comment icon #9 Posted by Seti42 1 year ago
It's clearly a Bigfoot walking his Nessie back to their UFO.
Comment icon #10 Posted by MissJatti 1 year ago
Just a hobo nothing to see here
Comment icon #11 Posted by HollyDolly 1 year ago
I didn't even really see anything to be honest.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Vox 1 year ago
Just a regular dude up on the top floor. You'll notice that the camera tilts and pans away a number of times after viewing the figure. Plenty of time for the 'apparition' to walk out the door on the landing. They ought to havegone up and told the person that they meant them no harm.
Comment icon #13 Posted by tortugabob 1 year ago
Another illegal trespasser. Nothing to see here goobers. Move along.
Comment icon #14 Posted by rashore 1 year ago
This is a privately owned property, it is not open to the public and it's illegal for those urban explorers to have trespassed there. 2b. Illegal material:Do not post or link to material that is violative of any law or that describes or advocates illegal activities such as taking, growing, buying or selling drugs; the sale or promotion of weapons, hacking, trespassing, downloading pirated software, movies or music, participation in criminal offences or plans to enact criminal acts. Thread closed.

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