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'Ghost' spotted in window at Stanley Hotel

By T.K. Randall
June 12, 2021 · Comment icon 8 comments

Is this a ghost in the window, or a hotel visitor ? Image Credit: Kim Kimberly / CBSN Denver
A woman who had been on a ghost tour of the infamous hotel captured something unusual on camera.
Kim Kimberly, who hails from Texas, had been on vacation at the hotel - famous for being the setting of Stephen King's 'The Shining' - when she had what she believes to be a paranormal encounter.

"I decided to do one of the ghost tours of the hotel with my friends," she told CBS News.

"They tell you to take pictures so I took a ton, you can ask my family... I take at least two to three pictures in a row of the same thing."
Intriguingly, one of the photographs she took appeared to show a woman in white in one of the windows, while other pictures taken mere moments afterward showed nothing.

"There was no one in the windows when I took those photos," she said. "My friends were taking photos as well and they didn't see it either - until I looked back at my photos."

"Some people are saying curtains - the curtains are the exact same in every window, they are see-through... and if it was curtains, what is the dark area that looks like hair, and the skin tone color?"

"If it was a mannequin, I would have seen it while taking the photo - and others would have got it on camera as well. Besides... I took a photo at 9:03 and 9:04 - and it's there in one and not the other."

Source: CBS Local | Comments (8)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 3 years ago
Well my first thought is why the article did not address the issue of could that just be a living person looking out the window or the hotel/person perpetrating a hoax for ghost hunters? They noticed no one with their eyes is not terribly satisfying. But it seems this hotel does 'keep on giving'. Drove right by it one time but didn't appreciate its significance in the paranormal world. Papameter Reading Paranormal  60% Paranormal       40% Normal/Hoax    
Comment icon #2 Posted by Amaryllis 3 years ago
It takes a second for someone to look out window. They probably didn't notice there was someone looking out at the time the photo was taken. Either that or they're faking it for attention.
Comment icon #3 Posted by DreadLordAvatar 3 years ago
2nd photo is taken at the wrong angle from the original so how can they use it to prove anything.  What’s even worse, the cbs reporter covering this story adds nothing to the investigation, but typical from mainstream media.
Comment icon #4 Posted by moonman 3 years ago
It's a hotel. Hotels have rooms full of people you don't know, that look out windows without warning. Dumb.
Comment icon #5 Posted by godnodog 3 years ago
It looks like a cardboard
Comment icon #6 Posted by Seti42 3 years ago
Pareidolia, IMO.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Stiff 3 years ago
Yep. I'd go with this too. The 'dress' is the exact same colour and texture as the curtains, so - it's more than likely... curtains.
Comment icon #8 Posted by NCC1701 3 years ago
These 2D people pop up everywhere these days.

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