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Modern Mysteries

Cavers venture deep into Yemen's 'Well of Hell'

September 28, 2021 | Comment icon 11 comments

A caving team has become the first ever to descend into the depths of Yemen's terrifying sinkhole.
Like something out of a dark fantasy movie, The Well of Barhout (otherwise known as 'The Well of Hell') descends 112 meters beneath the desert of al-Mahra province in eastern Yemen.

Its unusually circular entrance, which measures 30 meters in diameter, gives it the appearance of a bottomless pit with few locals willing to venture too close to the edge for fear of falling in.

There are some who even believe that it is the gateway to the underworld itself.

Now though, for the first time, cavers from the Omani Caves Exploration Team (OCET) have managed to successfully reach the bottom of the well, revealing what actually does lie inside.
Far from finding the entrance to Hell, however, the intrepid explorers reported finding waterfalls, stalagmites, cave pearls, snakes and a number of dead animals that had fallen inside.

"Passion drove us to do this," said geologist and team member Mohammed al-Kindi.

"And we felt that this is something that will reveal a new wonder and part of Yemeni history."

Whether the team's findings will dispel local myths surrounding the well, however, remains to be seen.

Source: Live Science | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Raptor Witness 7 months ago
Hell is on the outside, in Yemen, driven by richer nations, far away. So many plagues, so little time, Father. My guardian, now destruction, to my enemy, a fire from far and away.
Comment icon #3 Posted by joc 7 months ago
sounds like a methane pit.  Don't smoke near the hole...word to the wise....
Comment icon #4 Posted by joc 7 months ago
 You are such a funny little boy!
Comment icon #5 Posted by Still Waters 4 months ago
Comment icon #6 Posted by theSOURCE 4 months ago
That was horrible! That climber barely touched the ground before those terrifying demons tore him to shreds! I'll never sleep again! Oh wait. I was watching a different video. Sorry.  
Comment icon #7 Posted by MissJatti 4 months ago
Comment icon #8 Posted by Seti42 4 months ago
I was hoping to see more footage at the bottom and less drone flyovers at the top. It's surreal down there. I wonder where the dripping water is coming from, is it condensation? Is it leaching through the walls and overhangs?
Comment icon #9 Posted by jethrofloyd 4 months ago
After climbing in the 'Well of Hell', you can bath in 'The Devil's Bath'.(New Zealand).
Comment icon #10 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 4 months ago
it was about time somebody went down there. I wonder what they find, perhaps tons of old fossils from a bygone era? who knows....
Comment icon #11 Posted by Grath 4 months ago
I know its not what it seems... but on some of those top views it almost looks like something was screwed in there.   It gives the visual impression of a giant wood screw was inserted then unscrewed

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