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Mysterious balanced rock discovered on Mars

By T.K. Randall
June 20, 2022 · Comment icon 17 comments

Is this a rock balancing on top and if so, how did it get there ? Image Credit: NASA
NASA's Perseverance rover has photographed a small rock balanced precariously on top of a larger rock.
Shared last week on Facebook, the image, which was captured in Mars' Jezero Crater, appears to show a rock the size of a bowling bowl perched atop a second, larger boulder.

The discovery has ignited some heated debate among social media users who have been attempting to work out exactly how the rock managed to end up so precariously balanced on an uninhabited planet where aeons of strong winds would surely have dislodged it by now.
The region, known as "Hogwallow Flats", is thought to be home to rocks over 3.6 billion years old.

Of course the most likely conventional explanation is that this particular rock formation is simply the result of erosion over a long period of time, however it still remains a decidedly curious spectacle.

Source: Miami Herald | Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Nnicolette 2 years ago
That is what I see...
Comment icon #9 Posted by smokeycat 2 years ago
Or it's in front of it and hovering. 
Comment icon #10 Posted by Amorlind 2 years ago
Same as what i saw in Iceland...left by glaciation, and erosion...i'll try to find a picture i took a few months ago.
Comment icon #11 Posted by ThereWeAreThen 2 years ago
I'm not saying aliens but....
Comment icon #12 Posted by OverSword 2 years ago
Evidence of titanic floods or receding glaciers on mars in the past? You see this kind of thing in the badlands here in this state. The comments about aliens as if anyone was going to say that, shows the general toxicity in the parts of these forums that deal with space or unexplained phenomena.
Comment icon #13 Posted by XenoFish 2 years ago
So no one's going to talk about the lizard statue on the right side of the picture?
Comment icon #14 Posted by Nobu 2 years ago
N O T   A    R O C K!!!!!!   .     .       …     . .       …..         … . . … . . … … . . … .
Comment icon #15 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 2 years ago
Them aliens are pretty darn clever, eh? 
Comment icon #16 Posted by sanchez710 2 years ago
Nothing unusual there. I've visited ancient sites in Australia with similar formations of balanced rocks.
Comment icon #17 Posted by chiron613 1 year ago
On Earth we see those all the time. A relatively hard rock comes to rest on another, softer rock. Erosion over time erodes the lower rock, leaving the upper one appearing to be balanced. Not sure about those

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