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Secret FBI files on Civil War-era gold have been released under court order

By T.K. Randall
February 19, 2023 · Comment icon 2 comments

Did the FBI find the gold and then cover up the evidence ? Image Credit: Pixabay / Stevebidmead
A trove of documents, photographs and records pertaining to the FBI's search for a lost gold horde has been published.
According to local lore, a shipment of Union gold that was on its way to the US mint in Philadelphia disappeared without a trace in 1863, leading to a treasure hunt that remains ongoing 150 years later.

Dennis Parada, who has been investigating the mystery for years, is one of a growing number of people who believe that the FBI - who previously excavated a site in Dents Run, Pennsylvania - actually found the gold and then covered up the fact that they had recovered it.

According to the bureau, the site had been excavated after testing indicated that the gold could have been buried there. It continues to maintain, however, that the search had come up empty.
Parada and his advisers, meanwhile, believe that the FBI has been distorting evidence, withholding records and concealing key information in order to keep the treasure's discovery a secret.

The case has certainly been gaining traction, with a federal judge having already ordered the FBI to turn over multiple documents pertaining to the dig and there is a possibility that it will also be ordered to hand over additional files including its operational plan for excavating the site.

There is even a chance that efforts to locate the gold at Dents Run could be resumed.

Whether or not the gold is or ever was at the site, however, continues to remain a mystery.

Source: Independent | Comments (2)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by susieice 1 year ago
This is from 2021 but there are articles much more recent. The FBI feared Pennsylvania would claim the gold. You have to wonder if the legend is true because I don't think the FBI would be so interested in it if it wasn't. This article says the amount of gold today would have a value in the 100's of millions of dollars. Good read. Just a small amount of info posted from article. That amount of gold would today be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Archer wrote that he also spoke with a journalist, identified ... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by HollyDolly 1 year ago
I remember watching a tv show on this. I wonder why the FBI got invovled, unless it is because   the gold was supposed to go to the US Mint. Well whatever happens, I do hope the searchers get to keep some of the money.

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