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Could dark energy one day cause another Big Bang to occur ?

By T.K. Randall
February 24, 2023 · Comment icon 10 comments

Have we been here before ? Image Credit: ESA / NASA
Dark energy could be the key to understanding a cyclical universe that contracts and expands over and over again.
There is so much we don't understand about the universe and the nature of existence that even attempting to comprehend how anything actually exists at all is enough to make your head hurt.

As things stand, most scientists adhere to the theory that the universe started with the Big Bang, but what exactly is likely to happen in the far future ? Will everything end as quickly as it began or will it, as some scientists suggest, end with the eventual 'heat death' of the universe ?

In a new paper, two theoretical physicists have taken a new look at another theory - one suggesting that the universe may actually end in a 'Big Crunch' in which the cosmos will contract back into a single infinitesimally small point before beginning again with another Big Bang event.

This idea of a cyclical universe is not new, but what is new is how these physicists have approached the problem and their solution is all to do with something known as dark energy.

The pair believe that this mysterious form of energy - which is thought to be behind the continued and accelerating expansion of the universe - may periodically 'switch' on and off, resulting in either an expanding or shrinking universe.
If the universe did go through an infinite succession of 'bounces', then dark energy may drive the expansion up to a certain point, after which it would stop and start contracting.

Once it contracts down far enough, another Big Bang would trigger - and so the process repeats.

If true, this would mean that we may simply be living in one cycle of the universe and that the cosmos - and everything in it - will essentially be created and destroyed, over and over again, for all eternity.

Actually proving this theory, however, is another matter entirely.

Source: Live Science | Comments (10)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by TripGun 1 year ago
The Reapers are coming to reset the universe.
Comment icon #2 Posted by joshy 1 year ago   Dark energy is from super massive black holes according to this, maybe who knows. SPACE!   But according to me some quantity lets call them G needs to absorb enough force in order for a new big bang to occur? Galactus first appearance Fantastic four #48 march 1966   galactus was the last remaining of the old universe...
Comment icon #3 Posted by cancreanmoon 1 year ago
The short answer to this question is that it is possible in theory, but it is very unlikely to happen.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Emma_Acid 1 year ago
Given a large enough universe and long enough stretch of time, all events that can happen will happen, no matter how unlikely. 
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nicolette 1 year ago
No. They need to focus on understanding how to detect phases of matter that don't interact with us and stop making up idiotic stuff involving magical unspecified light switches. First of all the big bang isn't real. It is way more plausible that black holes are concentrations of a different phase of matter acting the same way stars do or that they are some sort of leak from our universe than this random nonsense. There is no big bang or big crunch, sorry guys. And i know an argument from the usuals will follow about how i must be wrong because i didn't link webpages to prove it to you, but i a... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by Emma_Acid 1 year ago
I'm looking forward to your paper on the subject. Of course you're not.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf 1 year ago
I hope you have an infinite amount of patience because it will be a long wait.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Frank_Hoenedge 1 year ago
Well……. because the universe is an over unity manifold compressing volumes of information into organised bundles each quanta can be isolated to determine the period basis or lowest common denominator.   As the lowest common denominator can be symbolised as a Dot it can be present in a tensor grid we’ll call dot space. It definitively exists at 1 Planck second elapsed.    As such, between 0 Planck seconds elapsed and 1 Planck second elapsed the quanta can appear at a distance of 1 Planck length.   but this is dot space, on the surface of all adjacent dots, also xyz=0 locus positions i... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Torviking 1 year ago
I do find articles like this, to spread information on something that can’t be proved even exists?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Emma_Acid 1 year ago
Which bit can't be proven?

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