Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Mysteries revisited: the Carbondale UFO incident

By T.K. Randall
March 19, 2023 · Comment icon 2 comments

Did a UFO crash into the pond that night ? Image Credit: Facebook / Kvorning Design
A strange incident involving a glowing silt pond would go on to spark a mystery that would endure for over four decades.
The strangeness began one Saturday evening in November 1974 when three teenagers claimed to have witnessed a "red, whirring ball" plummet from the sky over Salem Mountain and crash into a silt pond near to a local mine.

Police officers who had been tasked with investigating the scene discovered to their amazement that the pond had started to emit a strange unearthly glow that would go on to persist for almost nine hours.

As word got around about the mysterious crash site people started to turn up in their droves and the so-called 'Carbondale UFO incident' soon went on to make headlines across the country.

But was something otherworldly really responsible for making the pond glow that night ?
Despite the enigma that still surrounds these events, there is evidence to suggest that one of the boys may have actually hoaxed the whole thing by throwing a lantern into the water.

A few days after the alleged crash, a diver discovered an old railroad lantern in the water and one of the teenagers allegedly went on to claim that he had thrown it in there to scare his sister.

Almost 50 years on, however, the legend is still very much alive thanks to conspiracy theorists who believe that a UFO really had crashed in the pond and that the teenager had been coerced into taking responsibility for it as part of a cover-up.

So could such a high profile incident have really been sparked by nothing more than a young boy throwing a lantern into a pond or was there a lot more to it than that ?

Unfortunately, we may never know for sure.

Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by astrobeing 3 months ago
No UFO, just something unknown glowing under the water. That and a story is all it takes to generate a decades long "mystery".
Comment icon #2 Posted by Dejarma 3 months ago
  Certain individuals will create a mystery out of anything: A crisp back on the doorstep: 'oh weird, how did that get there??' Something like this topic subject is good for getting the ol' fantasy mystery juices bubbling. Some seem to need it hence why certain individuals in here are so intense.  That's just humans for ya I guess 

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