Monday, September 26, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

Renewed calls for Prince Philip's 'Royal X-Files' to be released

9-22-2022 | 4

Following the Queen's death, there have been calls for Prince Philip's UFO investigation files to be released to the public.

The UFO Phenomenon

Strange UFO-shaped structure shows up on Norwegian lake

 VIDEO  9-17-2022 | 20

An object resembling a flying saucer has appeared on a lake in Norway, but not everything is as it seems.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ukraine's astronomers report that they have been seeing UFOs 'everywhere'

9-14-2022 | 13

An ongoing research effort to observe and document UAPs over Ukraine has reportedly turned up quite a lot of sightings.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Navy: 'all unreleased UFO videos are classified'

9-9-2022 | 16

The US Navy has stated that releasing any more of its UFO footage would 'harm national security'.

The UFO Phenomenon

Jack Osbourne: 'US government is covering up the truth about UFOs'

 VIDEO  9-6-2022 | 163

The reality TV star and UFO enthusiast spoke out about the topic ahead of his latest show.

The UFO Phenomenon

Footage from USS Zumwalt mystery drone swarm incident released

 VIDEO  9-3-2022 | 19

The footage was captured during an incident in 2019 involving multiple unidentified drones buzzing a US navy vessel.

The UFO Phenomenon

Metallic disc-shaped UFO photographed over Mexico

8-31-2022 | 42

Recently released photographs show a quintessential 'flying saucer' over the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon's UFO office will not investigate 'man-made' UFOs

8-23-2022 | 25

The US government's UFO office only seems to be interested in investigating objects of potentially extraterrestrial origin.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA 'working hard' to keep UFO investigation schedule

8-19-2022 | 9

NASA officials are reportedly ramping up preparations for the agency's investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Classified 1990 UFO photograph has surfaced 32 years on

8-13-2022 | 51

A photo taken by two men who spotted a strange object above Scotland in 1990 has finally been published.

The UFO Phenomenon

Bill Maher and David Duchovny talk UFOs

 VIDEO  8-7-2022 | 6

The pair briefly discussed the UFO phenomenon during an interview on HBO's 'Real Time With Bill Maher'.


'Moment of Contact' documentary to explore 'Roswell of Brazil'

 VIDEO  8-6-2022 | 7

A new documentary by filmmaker James Fox will explore the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious sphere falls from the sky over Mexico

8-4-2022 | 21

The unidentified object reportedly landed in a tree after falling from the heavens over Veracruz on July 31st.

World of the Bizarre

Someone has graffitied 'aliens exist' on the Pantheon in Rome

8-1-2022 | 15

The 2,000-year-old structure was defaced by someone with an apparent interest in UFOs and aliens.

The UFO Phenomenon

Doctor films two UFOs over his house in England

 VIDEO  7-29-2022 | 37

Dr Mohamed Salama had been putting his bins out when he spotted two objects moving erratically in the sky.

The UFO Phenomenon

Kecksburg UFO festival returns after two-year hiatus

 VIDEO  7-23-2022 | 0

Pennsylvania's most iconic UFO incident is to be honored once again 57 years after the event itself took place.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon renames and expands its UFO office

7-21-2022 | 37

The US government's official UFO investigation office is being rebranded after just 8 months on the job.

The UFO Phenomenon

Clip of saucer-shaped 'UFO' goes viral on TikTok

7-17-2022 | 13

Footage of a large disc-shaped object emerging from the clouds has racked up millions of views on social media.

The UFO Phenomenon

Congress approves measures to share UFO data

7-15-2022 | 35

The amendment could help to establish a new UFO reporting system with 'immediate' information sharing.

The UFO Phenomenon

Tech billionaire to use cold war radar station to hunt UFOs

7-7-2022 | 11

British entrepreneur William Sachiti has been looking for a way to restore the facility to full working order.

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