Thursday, July 25, 2024
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The UFO Phenomenon

19th Kecksburg UFO festival celebrates legendary local incident

7-21-2024 | 54

Crowds descended on the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania over the weekend to celebrate UFO culture.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scotland's own 'Bermuda Triangle' still intrigues over 30 years on

7-20-2024 | 3

One part of Scotland has become synonymous with strange phenomena, UFO sightings and other weirdness.

The UFO Phenomenon

MUFON unveils unidentifiable 'alien material' at annual symposium

 VIDEO  7-19-2024 | 21

The Mutual UFO Network showed off mysterious material that is thought to be from an alien spacecraft.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon publishes analysis of 1947 Roswell UFO crash debris

7-12-2024 | 10

The sample, that many had believed was extraterrestrial in origin, had been sent to a lab for analysis.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA astronaut's 1965 UFO sighting was solved many years later

7-8-2024 | 9

Astronaut Jim McDivitt had reported seeing an object shaped like a beer can outside the Gemini 4 capsule.

The UFO Phenomenon

Workers spot large 'dark metallic disc' over Red Rocks Amphitheatre

7-5-2024 | 57

The iconic Colorado venue was the scene of a UFO sighting involving multiple witnesses back in June.

The UFO Phenomenon

World UFO Day marks 77th anniversary of the Roswell incident

7-2-2024 | 51

Around the world, UFO enthusiasts are celebrating anything and everything to do with the phenomenon.

World of the Bizarre

Deputy pulls over 'flying saucer' on the interstate in Missouri

7-1-2024 | 5

A particularly unusual road user was recently pulled over by a Sheriff's deputy in Crawford County, Missouri.

The UFO Phenomenon

MUFON to reveal details of 'UAP material' at upcoming live event

6-24-2024 | 11

The Mutual UFO Network will reveal its findings pertaining to a study of alleged samples of material from a UFO.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO whistleblowers are being threatened, claims Luis Elizondo

6-21-2024 | 70

The former head of the Pentagon's UFO investigation unit has claimed that whistleblowers like him aren't safe.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction' launches on Discovery Channel

 VIDEO  6-20-2024 | 13

The new show, which investigates UFOs and paranormal encounters, features Mitch Horowitz and Chrissy Newton.


Researchers are seeking UFO and paranormal files in Vatican's archives

 VIDEO  6-20-2024 | 39

The Vatican is thought to be in possession of a wealth of rare documents concerning unexplained phenomena.

The UFO Phenomenon

Sian Eleri returns with new BBC series about mass UFO sighting

 VIDEO  6-15-2024 | 2

The Radio 1 presenter has returned with a second series of popular show 'Paranormal with Sian Eleri'.

The UFO Phenomenon

US defense contractor describes seven-minute UFO encounter

6-13-2024 | 8

The contractor and two other witnesses encountered a strange barbell-shaped object over the Canadian wilderness.

The UFO Phenomenon

Multiple video clips show brightly lit UFO flying over streets of Tehran

6-12-2024 | 237

A strange object spotted over Iran has been captured on camera from multiple different angles.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs may be evidence of 'cryptoterrestrials', scientists propose

6-10-2024 | 34

An 'out there' new study has put forward the notion that UFOs are piloted by secretive, highly advanced Earth-based beings.

The UFO Phenomenon

Two pilots radio in to report sightings of the same UFO over Ireland

6-10-2024 | 77

Both pilots had contacted air traffic control to report that they had spotted something unusual in the sky.


Jaime Maussan claims three more 'non-human entities' have been found

6-7-2024 | 176

The controversial UFO researcher has revealed that three more alleged alien bodies have been discovered.

World of the Bizarre

Puzzled motorists spot truck towing a UFO through Kennewick

6-7-2024 | 9

Heads were turned in Washington state recently when a truck was spotted towing some very peculiar cargo.

The UFO Phenomenon

Robert Taylor: the man who was attacked by a UFO

 QM EPISODE  6-6-2024 | 13

Robert Taylor encountered something strange in the woods near Dechmont Law, Scotland in 1979.

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