Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video has now been stabilized using AI

By T.K. Randall
April 4, 2023 · Comment icon 128 comments

The footage is cleaner and more stable than ever. Image Credit: Twitter / Rowan Cheung
What is arguably the world's best known footage of an alleged Bigfoot has been stabilized thanks to artificial intelligence.
Filmed in 1967 in Northern California, the Patterson-Gimlin film has long remained the most hotly debated and tantalizing piece of footage ever recorded in relation to the Bigfoot phenomenon.

The video, which offers a clear view of a large bipedal ape-like creature walking along a creek bed, has long attracted the attention of Bigfoot enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

Many argue that the creature in the footage is simply a person wearing a costume, while others remain adamant that it represents genuine evidence that Bigfoot is the real deal.
Fast-forward to the present day and now AI expert Rowan Cheung has posted up what is perhaps the most perfectly stabilized version of the original footage that has been seen to date.

Produced using artificial intelligence, the newly updated clip makes it possible to watch the alleged Bigfoot walking across the scene without the camera shaking or waving around.

You can check out the results for yourself below.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (128)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #119 Posted by Trelane 6 months ago
FFS, refer to post #114.  You'll find them if care enough to look.
Comment icon #120 Posted by OverSword 6 months ago
So people yelling "fake" on threads at UM?  Good for you. 
Comment icon #121 Posted by Trelane 6 months ago
No, that's your bias showing there. There have been previous posts that were very detailed and well explained that have been presented with corresponding links in other threads. Again, if reality and facts contrary to your opinion rubs your rhubarb the wrong way, then that's a "you" problem.
Comment icon #122 Posted by OverSword 6 months ago
Yeah, yeah.  Every cast of a print for the past 60 years.  Debunked. 
Comment icon #123 Posted by Trelane 6 months ago
Good, took you a while but glad I could help. 
Comment icon #124 Posted by psyche101 6 months ago
It took several attempts because of the war. On the first attempt Einstein's colleagues were arrested. Erwin Findlay-Freundlich was held during the eclipse and his equipment impounded. The next two attempts were unable to be made due to cloud cover,_1914 What expeditions evidence and study have revealed is that should bigfoot exist, the creature must be sustained by pine needles and dew as there's no environmental impact along to go with an impossible lack of physical evidence. The first place to find such a creature would be water so... [More]
Comment icon #125 Posted by psyche101 6 months ago
In Skookum? Skookum Valley Acquisition Skookum Creek is used by coho, steelhead (ESA listed), chum, and cutthroat. In addition, there is a large elk herd that overwinter in the fields along the creek. If this project is successful, 68% of all streams and 77% of mainstem Skookum Creek will be in held in conservation or long term forestry. Far as I can tell your wrong about that.
Comment icon #126 Posted by psyche101 6 months ago
What's the best one? Most convincing?
Comment icon #127 Posted by joc 6 months ago
Here is just another picture made of the very rare Amur leopard...and yet...hmmm...look how incredibly focused and vibrant the picture is.   Why are there zero pictures of a Big Foot like this?  So rare there are only 84.  And we know that...but we don't know where one...not even one Big Foot is?  Come on... In order for BF to would have to be known...because it is an animal and it isn't smart enough to avoid detection.  If it is smart enough to avoid detection, then it is humanoid, and smarter that humans.  If it is smarter than humans, then why isn't it ruling the planet?  Hmmmm..... [More]
Comment icon #128 Posted by Trelane 6 months ago
It looks like this has devolved into another "turkeys, deer and bats" discussion all over again I'm afraid.

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