Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Jane Goodall won't rule out existence of Bigfoot

9-29-2021 | 49

Being the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall certainly knows a thing or two about primates.


Missing persons 'eaten by Yowie', hunter claims

9-12-2021 | 54

One Australian man is absolutely convinced that the Yowie - Australia's answer to Bigfoot - is the real deal.


Muscular 'Bigfoot' caught on camera in Idaho

 VIDEO  9-1-2021 | 62

Footage has emerged online showing a large, bipedal ape-like creature... or is it a man in a suit?


Kids scream in terror as 'Bigfoot' crashes party

 VIDEO  7-31-2021 | 8

A friendly Bigfoot was met with screams of terror when it showed up to celebrate a child's birthday recently.


'Bigfoot' photographed in Bernard, Iowa

7-30-2021 | 52

A man who had been out walking captured a photograph of what he believes to be a large bipedal ape-like creature.

Science & Technology

Scientists unlock the secrets of pareidolia

7-7-2021 | 3

From Bigfoot on the Moon to the face of Jesus in a piece of toast - why do we see faces where none exist ?


'Bigfoot chases ATV' video clip raises eyebrows

7-1-2021 | 32

A rather unconvincing video of a 'Bigfoot' pursuing two men riding an ATV has been doing the rounds online.


'Bigfoot' stories abound in upstate New York

6-29-2021 | 24

Visitors and residents alike have described encounters with a strange 'screaming' creature in the region.


'Captured sasquatch' turns heads in Colorado

 VIDEO  6-9-2021 | 5

A 'Bigfoot' being transported from Ohio to Colorado managed to attract a fair amount of attention.


Woman encounters 'Bigfoot' after exiting gym

5-24-2021 | 47

The young fitness enthusiast had been heading for her car when she witnessed something terrifying.


Oregon hiker films alleged 'Bigfoot' in woods

5-10-2021 | 46

Outdoor adventurer Mike Bodewitz has captured what he believes to be evidence of a real-life Bigfoot.


Witness reports Bigfoot sighting in California

2-10-2021 | 19

Rick Bates had been driving along Highway 101 near Garberville when he noticed something very unusual.


New Bigfoot documentary heads to New York

 VIDEO  2-5-2021 | 4

Seth Breedlove and the 'On the Trail' team are returning with another investigation into the elusive cryptid.


Bill aims to establish 'Bigfoot hunting season'

1-22-2021 | 53

An Oklahoma lawmaker is hoping to establish an official hunting season in the state for the enigmatic cryptid.


Bigfoot sighting reported in British Columbia

1-17-2021 | 120

A chance sighting of a mysterious biped at the side of the road near Silverton has been making the news this week.


'Monkey Man' caught on camera in Singapore

12-21-2020 | 29

A photograph of an alleged Bigfoot-like creature that was spotted in a forest has been doing the rounds online.


Japan's Bigfoot mystery endures 50 years on

8-13-2020 | 5

Japan's answer to the legendary cryptid was first sighted during a mountain drive one night 50 years ago.


Woman 'chased by Bigfoot' in New York park

 VIDEO  7-26-2020 | 22

A local news station has reported on one woman's disturbing encounter with a mysterious ape creature.


Yowie researcher recalls his first encounter

7-5-2020 | 66

David Taylor has been investigating Australia's answer to the legendary Sasquatch for the better part of 12 years.


Bigfoot bakes cookies in bizarre house listing

5-21-2020 | 21

One realtor in California has come up with a unique way of generating interest in a house that's up for sale.

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