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Scientists compete to win $100,000 consciousness research prize

By T.K. Randall
May 11, 2023 · Comment icon 8 comments

What is consciousness ? Image Credit: Pixabay / darksouls1
More than 100 projects have been put forward in a bid to unlock the secrets of consciousness.
The $100,000 Linda G. O'Bryant Noetic Sciences Research Prize, which is being offered by the California-based Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), aims to recognize 'groundbreaking research in the field of consciousness' - a subject that has long proven particularly challenging to study.

In a recent press release, the institute revealed that there had been 108 applicants in total and that, out of these, 10 finalists had been picked to battle it out in phase two.

The specific topics presented by these final 10 are as intriguing as they are diverse, focusing on everything from the connection between consciousness and quantum mechanics to the development of methods for testing out-of-body and near-death experiences.
Each of the participants hopes to make enough of an impact on the field of consciousness research to impress the judges and win the prize.

"We are thrilled to have received such a diverse and fascinating group of proposals from around the world," said scientist and judging panel member Arnaud Delorme.

"The prize is a driving force to clarify what consciousness actually is and how it functions at a more fundamental level. IONS looks forward to identifying and announcing the winner in the coming weeks."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Portre 1 year ago
Step 1: Define consciousness.
Comment icon #2 Posted by fred_mc 1 year ago
Good point, could it be the ability to think "I exist.".
Comment icon #3 Posted by Abramelin 1 year ago
Yes. But how do *I* know YOU are conscious? Because you say "I exist"?
Comment icon #4 Posted by OverSword 1 year ago
I’ve seen AI claim that as well as feelings. 
Comment icon #5 Posted by Portre 1 year ago
Who is the "I" that thinks it exists?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Abramelin 1 year ago
So saying to someone "I exist" doesn't prove a thing. And we all knew that. They have done experiments on apes and corvids (magpies) that showed they - eventually - recognized themselves in a mirror. But AI can be programmed to do the same. Maybe .... consciousness is not thàt special as we love to think it is.
Comment icon #7 Posted by quiXilver 1 year ago
Awareness is. To this one, that seems beyond doubting.  All else is open to exploration. Really pleased to see research in this field.   Where it abides, its nature, its consistency, its potential fields of influence, how it arises, does it arise or is it the cause of arising?  All fascinating topics... really appreciate the continuing and expanding exploration of Consciousness.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Sojo 1 year ago
Consciousness is another form of energy. Here is what the Energy Information Administration says energy is: What is energy? Forms of energy Forms of energy Many forms of energy exist, but they all fall into two categories: Potential energy Kinetic energy Potential energy Potential energy is stored energy and the energy of position. Chemical energy is energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules. Batteries, biomass, petroleum, natural gas, and coal are examples of chemical energy. For example, chemical energy is converted to thermal energy when people burn wood in a fireplace or burn gasol... [More]

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