Friday, December 1, 2023
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Avi Loeb's expedition finds 'metallic spherules' on ocean floor

By T.K. Randall
June 26, 2023 · Comment icon 24 comments

Are these spherules evidence of alien intelligence ? Image Credit: Avi Loeb
These tiny metallic spherules were found during the search for the remains of IM1 - the first recognized interstellar meteorite.
For some time now, Harvard astronomer and theoretical physicist Avi Loeb has been heading up an expedition to search for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence at the bottom of the Pacific.

His goal is to find the remains of IM1 - an interstellar meteorite that exploded over Papua New Guinea in 2014 and that predates the discovery of 'Oumuamua in 2017.

The object, Loeb argues, may have been artificially constructed by an advanced alien race and his aim is to find enough pieces of it to prove whether or not this is actually the case.

Last week, the team found evidence of small metallic wires on the ocean floor and now, according to Loeb's latest blog post, they have found what appear to be tiny metallic spherules as well.
Using the X-ray Fluorescence analyzer, the team was able to determine that these objects are comprised of "mostly iron with some magnesium and titanium but no nickel" which, according to Loeb, makes their composition "anomalous" when compared to human-made alloys.

"We are now on our way back to IM1's crash site in an attempt to retrieve as many spherules as possible," Loeb wrote. "With a large enough sample, we can obtain a gamma-ray spectrum that will characterize its radioactive elements and potentially date the sample."

"The fundamental question is obvious: was this first recognized interstellar object from 2014 manufactured by a technological civilization?"

"Upon our return, we could produce an alloy in the laboratory that has the same composition as we infer for the spherules and analyze the resulting material properties."

Source: Avi Loeb | Comments (24)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by WVK 5 months ago
Avi I said that the spheres are going to be analyzed by 3 different labs and that the results should be available in a month.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Trelane 5 months ago
I don't kneed Avi to study anything. I know what I saw!!!!!! People can analyze this and then just say it came from a meteor to get people off the scent. I know the truth though. These were likely remote sensors that got basically shot down by the U.S military using its radar arrays to disrupt the sensors' on board navigation systems causing them to crash.  Due to human arrogance the aliens are here now and extracting a form of retribution for us interfering with their studies and exploration.
Comment icon #17 Posted by meteoritelima 5 months ago
https://alienjigsaw/media/Colbern-Analysis-San-Augustine-NM-Metal-Samples.pdf  Sorry this link is not correct
Comment icon #18 Posted by Doc Socks Junior 5 months ago
The Medium posts were...interesting. Avi possibly finds a non-magnetic wire in his sweep of the ocean floor. Wisely, to rule out contamination, he asks someone to sweep the deck with a magnet. They find nothing resembling the wire. 
Comment icon #19 Posted by Trelane 5 months ago
Well yeah, the wire was part of the guidance systems that linked the sensors. The aliens have created a interdimensional type of payphone they us to kind of go fishing for information between universes. I know what I saw.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 5 months ago
Spherical shot can be manufactured using what they called The Shot Tower. Basically you pour molten lead from a height and when it hits water it'll form spherical balls. According to the article the Watt's Tower was in use up until 1968. I could see spherical balls forming if a molten hot meteor fragment hit the ocean.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Harte 5 months ago
They form in the air, no need to hit the water. Harte
Comment icon #22 Posted by Piney 5 months ago
And when you find them in a thermokarst basin they are from the YDI. 
Comment icon #23 Posted by Saitung 4 months ago
These spherules seem to be, at first glance, similar to those in appearance to ones found in Crop Circles. Dr. Avi Loeb might want to correlate his research with that of the late great, Dr. C. Levengood.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Hazzard 4 months ago
Im glad that you sign every post with, Harte... How else could we possibly know it was you?? 

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