Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Avi Loeb claims that there may be a second interstellar object on Earth

9-24-2022 | 9

Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb and colleague Amir Siraj believe that they have identified another interstellar visitor.


Is there alien tech lying at the bottom of the sea ?

4-22-2022 | 104

Harvard physicist Avi Loeb has suggested that some interstellar meteorites could be artificial in nature.

Space & Astronomy

Declassified data reveals interstellar object hit Earth in 2014

4-12-2022 | 24

New data released by the US Space Command (USSC) has confirmed a close encounter with an interstellar visitor.


ET invited to contribute to interstellar 'library'

5-1-2021 | 18

A philosopher is setting up a library with the goal of encouraging an interstellar cultural exchange with aliens.

Space & Astronomy

'Oumuamua could be a cosmic 'dust bunny'

9-10-2020 | 1

The cigar-shaped interstellar visitor has remained a topic of heated debate among scientists for several years.

Space & Astronomy

'Oumuamua: not a hydrogen iceberg after all?

8-20-2020 | 11

One of the foremost explanations for the nature and origin of the interstellar visitor has been cast into doubt.

Space & Astronomy

'Oumuamua was 'ripped from an alien world'

4-15-2020 | 11

A new study has highlighted the potentially violent origins of this mysterious interstellar visitor.

Space & Astronomy

New photographs of interstellar visitor revealed

12-18-2019 | 3

NASA has released two new images showing interstellar comet Borisov traveling through our solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists propose interstellar space mission

11-1-2019 | 2

A space probe designed to venture into the interstellar void could launch within as little as ten years.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar comet may be carrying 'alien water'

10-30-2019 | 6

Astronomers have determined that comet 2I/Borisov could be carrying water from a distant solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Visiting interstellar comet is caught on camera

10-15-2019 | 5

Astronomers have revealed that comet 2I/Borisov is remarkably similar to comets from our own solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomer discovers second interstellar visitor

 VIDEO  9-13-2019 | 20

An amateur astronomer has discovered what is believed to be a comet that has come from a distant solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Earth was hit by interstellar visitor in 2014

4-17-2019 | 6

Scientists have revealed that a meteor from another star system may have collided with the Earth 5 years ago.

Space & Astronomy

Voyager 2 has now entered interstellar space

 VIDEO  12-10-2018 | 8

NASA has confirmed that the probe has become the second spacecraft ever to leave the heliosphere.


SETI search of 'Oumuamua comes up empty

12-8-2018 | 21

SETI has been attempting to determine if the first known interstellar visitor is under intelligent alien control.


First interstellar message to aliens turns 44

 VIDEO  11-16-2018 | 8

On November 16th 1974, the Arecibo Observatory sent a message of greeting towards globular star cluster M13.


'Oumuamua may be an extraterrestrial solar sail

11-3-2018 | 138

Harvard astronomers have suggested that the first known interstellar visitor could be an alien probe.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar visitor may actually be a comet

 VIDEO  6-28-2018 | 12

Originally classed as an asteroid, the object known as 'Oumuamua is now believed to be a comet.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar interloper found near Jupiter

5-21-2018 | 8

An asteroid believed to be from another solar system has been found orbiting the Sun in the wrong direction.

Space & Astronomy

New study hints at 'Oumuamua's origins

3-19-2018 | 7

Researchers believe that it is very likely that the interstellar asteroid came from a binary star system.

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